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1940s Blue Collection

No need to feel blue just because winter is coming, but there is every reason to invest in the colour blue. From moody navy to classy muted tones of this adored colour, you will be singing “I’m blue da ba dee daba die” from the top of your lungs. Think shades of blue associated with post-war Britain; slightly sombre in hue but with a lot of character, optimism, and strength.

To fully embrace this beautiful trend, opt for designs that reflect the colour and the style of the time. Traditional patterns and designs that could be seen on everything from wallpaper and crockery to bedding and soft furnishings. Betty Grove Design's stunning "Gardenia" trays bring that traditional aesthetic, thanks to the watercolour floral design in melodic tones of blue. Bring the trend to your wardrobe with Gabriela Fuente's "Lua Floral" bodycon dress. With a classic floral design in the perfect 1940's blue, there is nothing not to love about this t-shirt. 
We love interpreting trends so that different styles and designs can be uncovered. A digital collage featuring different shades of this beautiful colour can be a unique and artistic way to adopt the trend. Mentalembellisher's gorgeous "My Budgie Headdress" silk cushion depicts a classic showgirl, on a floral wallpaper print background featuring 1940's blue. It's colourful and utterly original, making this a pure statement piece. The "Horse and Birds" mug by Marion McConaghie Design is the perfect way to enjoy the trend in a simple yet stylish way. 
Do you really like this trend but aren't a huge fan of traditional or classic designs? Why not opt for a modern interpretation of the 1940's blue trend? The powerful "Nothing Endures" sweatshirt by FLUX is a fresh and original take on the trend. With a more intense version of the blue fused with original digital artwork. MOiX LONDON's "Gasholders in Blues" swimsuit showcases a stunning geometrical print, which looks even more contemporary and stylish when mixed with the sober blue tones.