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Autumn Equinox Collection

Soak up the Autumn Equinox with our Autumnal themed Crafted Folk and Neutral Art Collection. Expect muted oranges, blues and browns, aztec prints, and dashes of wildlife that stir into the warm night...

Tribal Prints and Feathers

As Autumn draws closer, we’re embracing intricate Aztec prints and tribal inspired couture. Kris Tate’s Autumnal bikini in a delicate turquoise and burnt sienna Aztec print is the perfect way to transition from Summer to Autumn, whilst soaking up the soft Autumn Equinox sunshine. Lounge on Sharon Turner’s Wildwood picnic blanket to enjoy the last remains of the Autumn warmth. The mountain print and soft texture makes it the perfect way to see in the first day of the season. Why not start a yearly tradition and use it as your Autumn Equinox picnic blanket, sharing a sunrise al fresco breakfast with a loved one? Bring along Edge of the Meadow’s Autumn Equinox napkins to add to the occasion. Delicate turquoise feathers with pops of dusty pink complete the look.

Neutral Art

This season it’s all about neutrals; colour palettes which take a step back, while still inspiring us. If you fancy adorning your walls with an elegant design, this neutral art wood print by That Design is the perfect choice. On a natural wood finish, it features simple, warm coloured mountains under a soft glowing sun. Speaking of Autumn Equinox art in the home, how about a mystical mountains duvet cover? The twilight scenery on this neutral art print will help you lull you into a dreamy sleep, while we transition from Summer to Autumn seamlessly.

The Natural World

Part of the beauty of the Autumn Equinox is embracing seasonal nature; we love bird-watching or spotting rogue deer and foxes from our sun-soaked garden, huddled under our favourite Autumn Equinox blanket by Q-Artwork. The amber fox illustration is created from leaf designs; combining two essential elements of the season. You can easily match this neutral art blanket with Ollie Terry’s coyote Autumn tea towel, featuring bold graphics in warm Autumnal tones.