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Cowboy Collection

Yippee ki-yay, dig out your boots because the cowboy trend is here to mix up your new season wardrobe and interior décor. Don’t feel like you must go with the obvious boots, leather, and embroidery options. This season, cowboy can be interpreted in a variety of fun and wearable ways, including adorable cactus prints, which we love so much.

The cactus is the plant du jour for AW17. From cute little cartoons to realistic looking spikes, cacti could be seen adorning everything from fashion to homeware. Make the cactus trend work for you by incorporating it into your style in fun and wearable ways. Sara Rain Design's "Bright Cactus" iPhone case shows sweet cacti mixed with bright red flowers. The colourful design is ideal for making your phone easy to spot in the depths of your bag! We also love So Very Cassie's funky "Crazy Cactus" hoodie, which features a modern cactus print with rainbow hues. 
Feathers are one of those symbolic icons of the Wild West. They evoke a spiritual and mysterious time from days gone by. When it comes to the cowboy AW17 trend, feathers make up a more feminine and delicate aesthetic of the trend. To incorporate this look into your home, treat yourself to the "Multi Feather Print" napkins by Edge of the Meadow. The stunning colour scheme will leap off of your table. To mix it into your everyday style, treat your feet to the colourful "Bohemian Free Feather" espadrilles by Amaya.  
As well as the typical symbolism and styles that the cowboy trend evokes, we're also interested in the deeper designs that surround this trend. Barren landscapes, sandy tracks, cacti and flora sprouting up from the dusty trails. Coyotes and glorious get the picture. The "Desert Dreaming" journal by Pear Tree Pond is a monochromatic tribute to the trend, and the stunning "How Coyote Stole Fire (Part 6)" tea towel by Ollie Terry Illustration incorporates the theme, colour palette and amazing craftsmanship.