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Floral Collection

Nature-inspired prints to make you melt. Pastel petals, delicate blossoms and vibrant cherry blossoms adorn clothing and accessories in this floral print collection. We’re dreaming of the Summer.

Statement Homeware

We’re all about standout pieces scattered throughout the home; be the envy of your neighbours with this floral statement furniture. We can’t take our eyes off the Emerald Leaf flowers occasional chair by Edge of the Meadow. With delicate blooms and intricately illustrated foliage, it’ll be your favourite piece of luxury floral furniture this season. Don’t limit these beautiful bloom pieces to just the interior of your home; your garden deserves just as much love! Compliment real life botanicals with a garden deckchair, adorned with vibrant turquoise and purple blooms. And just because we can’t get enough of flower furniture, why not nab one of Daisy Beatrice’s soft blush floral laundry bag featuring warm peach blossoms?

Dark and Dangerous

Florals don’t always need to be brightly coloured or soft and pink. Some of our favourite artist designed pieces feature mysterious dark flower prints, such as this luxurious and opulent dark floral kimono by Bloom & Gloom. A silky and elegant number, it’s perfect as loungewear or can be worn with a floral bodysuit at a festival to double up on those decadent blooms. We’re similarly head over heels with Josef McFadden’s genuine silk poppy blossom scarf. This floral scarf is pure luxury with richly coloured water bled blooms, and makes the perfect gift for any flower fiends. Invite .