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Statements Collection

Say it loud and say it proud. Statements and words of power are a trend seen all over homeware and fashion for AW17. Your clothes have the power to make a statement, so take it one step further with statements printed on them. Spurred on by ongoing political and social unrest, don’t be afraid to use your style to say something to the world. And do it boldly.

Statement clothing is not something to take too seriously - unless you are that way inclined! They are, however, an amazing way to express yourself. Bring out your happy vibes, even on a blue day with Monika Strigel's "Pretty Happy Rose" wall clock. Want to express your views on world affairs? Ellie Wilkinson's stunning "Love Not War" iPhone case will say it for you. Whether it is a slogan scrawled on a phonecase, or your favourite phrase printed on a stylish bomber jacket, statement clothing and accessories are just what you need to tell the world what you think. 
Let's face it, if you are going to make a statement, you might as well make it boldly! This can be in either the slogan itself, or in the design of the product you are wearing. Both homeware and fashion look amazing with statements and slogan printed on them. Micalela Sapinho's powerful "Not Asking For It" iPhone case is perfect for sticking it to the man, white Erwin Michalec's "Call Me Sir Babe" bomber jacket is the perfect tongue in cheek piece. Bring your opinion to the bedroom or even the boardroom. 
If you love the idea of the statement trend, but you think it might be a little too bold for your taste, then consider a more cute option. Mix pretty colours and adorable characters into the mix and take the sting out of your statement. We love the feminine and ethereal vibe of this unicorn bedding set by Primrose and Mabel, or the delicate yet powerful vibes of Elisabeth Fredriksson's "Boss Lady" pocket notebook.