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Singer Serial Numbers Revealed: How Old Is Your Sewing Machine?

how old is your singer sewing machine

Singer sewing machines have a long and rich history, dating as far back as 1851. These beautiful machines have evolved over the years but are still standing the test of time. Some of the older models are highly sought after by collectors and sewing enthusiasts. If you’ve nabbed one of these beautiful bargains at a local market, it’s worth identifying the age and model of your machine. You might have picked up a rare antique.

Whether you want to pick up one of your own older models because you love the history, aesthetic or nostalgia of the piece, they’re easily still found on the market if you know what you’re looking for. So, how old is my Singer sewing machine? To identify when a model was made, you need to first find the Singer sewing machine serial number. It’s near the on/off switch on newer machines, and on the front panel or on a small plate on older machines.

Once you’ve found the number, match it to the date in our chart to discover the age of your machine

old singer sewing machine model

Why do Singer Sewing Machines have Serial Numbers?

Singers have always been marked with serial numbers ever since production began. Each number is corresponding to a model from a certain date, and even location. All Singer sewing machines up until 1900 have no letter prefix, and came from all around the world. The Singer company eventually managed their production from all their factories to match up with the serial number flow.

How to choose a valuable model

The first thing to look for if you’re after a collector’s Singer machine, is the age of the item. Over 100 years old is considered an antique, and younger than that is ‘vintage’. By matching the serial number to the corresponding date, you can determine the exact age of the machine.

Quality also plays an important part in the value of the model. As expected, high quality, functioning machines are more sought after than damaged ones and tend to be a better option. Machines that don’t function at all may not be worth collecting. However, if you find a damaged machine that can be repaired, it may still be a worthwhile purchase.

From a collector’s viewpoint, there are a select amount which are valuable enough to be classed as real collectors’ items. This includes any of the machines that come with their own table, blacksides which have a black instead of polished finish, and the vintage 221 and 222 Featherweight models. These rare models can fetch around £500 or even more, if they’re in perfect working order.

The History of Singer Sewing Machines

The Singer brand is synonymous with being the best in the business.  After opening a local factory in Glasgow, in 1867, the machines were flying off the shelves. Popularity only grew and factories opened worldwide. By World War 2, the Singers were actually producing guns and bullets as a priority to sewing machines. They only continued making those in their spare time. Isaac Singer was the founder of the company, and the first to create treadle powered, belt powdered and eventually electricity powered sewing machines. Isaac Singer boasts a unique story, and was a pioneer of the sewing industry. Funnily enough, with an ‘enthusiastic’ approach to women, Isaac even hired female demonstrators to disprove that women were too incompetent to work a machine. This enthusiastic approach to women continued into his private life, where he had a total of 24 children!

wooden cabinet singer machine

Designs Throughout The Years

Singer treadle sewing machines are one of the most popular Singer antiques. They are still found in auctions and antique dealers today. These older machines were made of heavy duty components and replaceable parts. So they are still used, and are incredibly long-lasting. A treadle sewing machine is powered by a foot pedal, and runs mechanically by the user pushing back and forth on the pedal. A reliable, eco-friendly machine, many sewers still prefer to use this type of model today.

The design has naturally changed over the years with advances in technology. Electric motors and bolt-on lights were introduced to the machines in 1921. The treadle tables gradually faded away to chunky box bottoms in the 1930s. Use of new materials throughout the 20th century made the design sleeker and lighter, and allowed for new functions to be introduced.

Today’s Singers

Today’s machine can cost from as little as £85 up to £1300, depending on the functions and type of machine. But why is Singer so popular? It’s not only due to the rich history, but the fact that they cater to all sewing needs. Singer has a reputation for creating innovative machines. They were the first to ever introduce electric, zigzag and electronic machines which were targeted to the home sewing market. Offering affordable machines with a multitude of features which are readily available, made them likely the most popular brand out there.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, want an electronic or a mechanical machine, work with embroidery or patchwork, there’s something for everyone. Every model has a unique range of useful functions such as automatic needle threaders and even LCD screens, which is part of what makes the brand the go-to for sewers.

modern singer sewing machine

How old is your new (old) Singer sewing machine? Don’t forget to match your serial number to our chart and discover its age!

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  • The Singer history is fascinating. Great to find a chart! My model is AD181298 and is written in French. This number doesn’t come up on your chart, but it’s between 1900 and 1942 I guess?

  • I’m sorry but I do not understand your chart. My serial number begins with a G and then seven numbers, I don’t see that on your chart. I see GA but no G
    Any assistance that you could give me would be much appreciated. I need to find an owners manual and a new cord.
    Thank You
    Mindy Hamilton

    • Hey mindy..I recently got an antique singer and it also has a serial number that begins with a G followed by 7 numbers. Were able to find anything to help you identify the manufacturing year on yours?

      • trying to find year n price G9965105 can you help?

        • Ma machine porte le N de série SA 168661 elle est de 1935 d après votre carte.
          Elle est en parfait état de marche. Combien vaut-elle ?

        • Year is 1923 date April 24, Model 127 quantity 25000 pcs.

      • Age?

      • Same here. I’m looking to purchase one and its serial # is G7677956 & I’m unable to find it 😞

        • Hi

          Just had a look at the chart and it looks like this machine is 1917 – G767 7956 falls between the dates for this year.


    • I need an owners manual also for a G 3843595
      Did you find one? Mine is a treadle some seem to be hand crank.

  • I picked up an old singer at a odd and ends shop. The serial number, which is located on the top under the gold Singer emblem. I do not see it on your chart. The number is AD745900. Is that the serial number and if it is could you tell me the age? It is in beautiful and looks similar to the model on your website above, the one with the red fabric.

    Thank you

  • I have an old Singer serial # ADC 62518, motor # 48 8013, 100-110 volts 0.6AMP, DC 7 25 to 75 cycles, Catalog B.U.7–E. It is in a cabinet with a knee bar used to run the motor. It is NOT a treadle. I would like to give it to a young girl to use. Is it possible to have it fixed to running order? We have a singer store close to us but I thought I would do some research before I sent it in to them. I assume they will tell me they can’t fix it. Thank you!

  • I cannot find my serial number on your chart. My serial number is

    Please tell me the date it was made and the model number if possible.
    Thank you

    • My singer has serial # AA701924

    • Mine is AB762851. Did you ever get a response to your question?

  • Thank you, Very informative article. My name is Sam from Soweto,Johannesbug, South Africa. I grew up with Singer sewing machine. My mother used to make school shirts for me in the 60’s using her Singer. She is now 94yrs old and still has the machine. Why did Singer use a grapevine design on their older machines?

    • Can someone tell me how much a Singer white AM432662 sewing machine with workstation is worth?

  • Where can I find a wood base for this machine?
    The dome lid is ok.
    Thanks, Curt

  • Thanks for the historical information on Singer sewing machines. It was helpful to me.

  • I have an old siger machine. The decals are wore out can you send me to a place so I can buy them , my machine it’s just like the one on this web site I’ll thank you in advansefor your time.

  • I’m looking for somebody to help me with my singer sewing machine number 115, G7297399 I believe it was made in 1886. It comes with the original singer sewing machine book. I can send pictures if you need them. I’m looking to sell this machine it’s been in my family a long time. Thank you

  • I don’t see a serial number group for my antique singer sewing machine on the chart. The serial number for my machine is H455110. Would you be able to tell me the age or how I can identify the age and possible it’s value? It is in excellent condition with everything there; attachments and accessories, instruction booklets, bobbins, etc.

    • según la carta en PDF esta maquina fue construida en 1906, saludos.

  • Can the power cord on an English machine be converted to US voltage?

  • I have my mothers Singer sewing machine which is still in very good working order. Its serial number is B381647 and unfortunately when it was recently transported the sliding plate (64mm X 73mm) adjacent the needle assembly was lost, much to my disappointment. I would be grateful if I could replace the plate to bring it back to working order. If someone could please respond to my email on their availability I would be most grateful.

  • I want to buy a Singer Stylist #478 but I would like to know how much these units were new…Where to find ? What is the current rate for the unit today?

  • I appreciate your information. I have a Singer portable machine in wood case. It has number AF601287 on front panel. I do not see this number in the chart. Can you tell me anything about it? year, make, etc.

  • We have a Singer pedal operated type cast iron legs and top box wooden cover serial no V1118857 in good condition how much is it worth ? It’s up for sale

  • My treadle machine is in excellent condition. It has the serial number y4578879. Can someone please tell me how old it is as it does not seem to fit anywhere on the chart.
    Thank you

  • Melody,
    You say that before 1900 the Singers didn’t have a letter prefix. I have found an old black finish treadle machine with the serial number B752696. I am trying to learn more about it. Where would you suggest I go to learn more?
    Thank you for your article.

  • My mom has this type of sewing machine,when she was still an adult, the last time she used the singer sewing machine was like im not so sure,but ever since i know the machine it has never been used, its a bit rusty now but. There are some metal part thats kinda shiny…i mean the part ever get rusted. I found it out 20 mins ago, thanks to google i saw your article based on old collections of singer…you can mail me directly on my email i need to know more about the sewing machine…i download the serial number pdf…but sorry i got lost… here on the machine i saw D447353 and i saw another it says SINGER 173821.. i dunno really know how to check..ill mail you the pictures if you want.. thank you.. im deji from nigeria

  • Hi Melody, really interesting read, thank you! Age chart very useful too except that my machine doesn’t start with any of the letter prefixes suggested – begins with a single Y then 7 numbers… does this mean it’s pre-1900 or just a random one that slipped through in the 1900’s? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • I have a singer sewing machine with a serial number on a plate, which would indicate that it is older. However, the number is preceded by the letter G. Using the chart, I could not determine the age. Could you help me out?

    I am trying to estimate how old my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine is but did not see the same model in the pictures. Model # JA381183 appears to be 1924. It seems to be a portable machine with a curved wooden box cover. The other distinguishing note is the metal bar that fits on the right side of the machine to start and stop. It is controlled by the operator’s leg.

  • Hello and thanks for the useful, no, brilliant information. !! I collect old Singer machines and the clones here in France…Interesting hobby for an old engineer.
    I have been told that the K on for example 19K comes from the plant at Kilmarnock in Scotland. No sure about this but as you say machines were made in Scotland.
    Machines here in France are generally clones, but there are many very old French makes.

    Thanks once again for all the info and taking the time to put it all together

    George Styer

  • Thank you for this nice blog on the Singer sewing machine. I hope you can help — I have an old Singer I just love, only I can’t identify the model and I don’t see the listing in your chart. I looks almost exactly like the one at the beginning of your blog (with the red thread and red material), but you didn’t list the model. Mine is electric and has reverse sewing with a number plate: G4661343. Engraved on the bobbin plate are several patent dates, the last one is June, 14, 1910.

  • I’m so excited because my mom surprised me & had my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine cabinet refinished. It is gorgeous! As a young girl I remember being intrigued by it. Grandma Ingrid would let me pump the pedal & I’d play with her spools of thread & fabic swatches. I’ve been wondering how old it actually is and would like to refurbish the sewing machine itself. I did Google the serial # (G0123537) and I think it was manufacturered around 1940, but I’m not sure. I’d love to learn more about its history, get “her” manual & find out how to get her functioning again! The more I look at it and discover new things about it, the more excited I get. “She” seems to be coming alive! Any suggestions about how to get her refurbished?
    “She” lives in Northwestern Minnesota & is happy to be out of the shed & into a new home!

  • Hi, I just found out that my Singer sewing machine I inherited from my late mother, was manufactured in 1937 and that makes it 81 years old now, but still rocking it.

    Unfortunately I had to attached a motor to run it electrically since I’m already 65yo, and paddling it tires me a lot.

    Hope it’ll go on rocking for another 81 years..

  • This is a nice article about singer sewing machine, Singer is a great brand and I liked it very much as I a using it from past 4 years and have no issue with this brand. Thanks for sharing it.

  • I’m trying to find out who collects or buys old singer sewing machines? I want to get rid of my moms old singer sewing machine and cabinet.

  • I owned a very old singer sewing machine it comes to me from my late mother whom inherited from her grandmother who was in Ghana Africa.
    I think this sewing machine is over a hundred years old and that’s before the world war one I’m trying to find how much it worth as an antique piece.

  • would you possibly have the chart for the serial numbers still available? If so how would I obtain a copy? I have a friend who just received an old treadle Singer sewing machine from her brother (it was her Mother’s) and she would like to know more information about it if we can find it. It is in beautiful condition. Thank you so much for any help you may provide!

  • Bought in 1963 ish, I have an electric Singer machine that works with a knee bar rather than a pedal. Does anyone know about these? Are they rare? Do they have value? Last time I tried it it worked but it is too heavy for me to lift it now.

  • i am trying to find some information about a singer sewing machine. There is a number on it of: AD962240. I am wondering about the age of this machine and a bit about it. Please help me find the information about this machine. Thank you.

  • Can’t find chart which gives aged of singer sewing machines. Where is the website please?

  • Have singer Merritt 3140. Cannot find any information about it

  • Singer electric sewing machine
    Serial number EJ785203
    Made in Great Britain

  • Yes I have some old singer sewing machines I would like to get the age of I can give you the silver number arm for Dave you need if you can respond back to me and let me know is that they’re what you need okay thank you very much I know some people has books where they can reflect to the book and go by the cell never say how it is I don’t know if you’ll have those books still available if you do I would like to acquire one thank you

  • I have a old antique singer sewing machine, I know it’s pre 1900.
    It works , just needs a needle and belt. I really would like to know the year it was made. It has numbers for the serial number and I understand the list to date it was lost. I’m hoping some one can help me date it. Thanks

  • I have an old Singer sewing machine and I found a number 15876707 is that the serie number?

  • Hi Melody,
    I have a Singer Sewing Machine that I know for a fact was made between 1851 and 1870. I have a file with the serial numbers and since the logs were lost between those years, I know my number is from those years. The serial number is 00491203. The research I did shows if there are no letters in the serial number you can be sure it was manufactured prior to 1900. Just curious of what you think I should do.

  • trying to find age of singer 221-1 ser# af409818

  • Hi I’m trying to find out info on a singer model number 00491203 in a cabinet. I know iit is somewherre between 1850 and 1870

  • Hi there it’s impossible to get to the chart for the age of a singer sewing machine .. “page not found”

  • I hawe singer K1

  • How old is my sew mechine # cat.BZ 10-8 s.s. Au52-16-5

  • I would like to know how old is my machine with a serial # AM234370, can you please tell

    • Hi my name is Ray and if possible i would like to find out what year my singer sewing machine is and a ball park figure on what its worth. The serial number is ( Y378714). Thank you

  • AD056861 is the serial number on my singer sewing machine. I cant seem to find a match for that number anywhere. Would anyone know ?

  • Your charts link doesn’t work and I’m looking to find how old mine is that I have got from my mother, i there are two numbers on mine which I’m not sure which is which, ‘0476 C’ and there is ‘60313092’ I would be very appreciative if you could help. Thank you.

  • Good day,
    I have an vintage Singer sewing machine with serial number: R739462.
    Can you please tell me the date of manufacture and what is it worth today?

    Thank you kindly
    (Mrs) Oberholzer
    083 601 5733 (RSA)

  • hello, searching on the internet something about my singer machine i’m a found your post. Now my problem is what on my machine they have a serial number plate. How do I know how much about my singer? My singer has some special lick and I have not found anything like this on the internet.

  • I have two antique Singer Sewing Machines can you help me get a year make? The ss#’s are: AE761755 and AD709804. One was my grandmother’s and as a family heirloom, I would really like to know for my children, as I am 75, therefore one of them will get this treasure. Thanks for your help. Betty Cutler.

  • there is no age chart

  • My wife and I have several Singer machines. Mother gave us an old Singer,It is in a cabinet that the top comes off. It is a peddle model. I can not find a SR# on it but the only thing can find is a 13 under the machine,,Ant ideas?

  • Greetings, I have an old Singer sewing machine, serial number C2327584, and I am interested in the year of manufacture. Thanks for the help, Tatjana

  • Where’s the chart have old singer trying to find out yesr

  • I have bought a machine model number EG 869085 and was wondering what age it is. Still has original instructions and box of feet,bobbins etc.

  • Hi guys
    I have just purchased a treadle sewing machine Singer of course. It is on a laminated oak stand and has 3 drawers on each side.
    Serial number is Y 7947312
    I need to buy presser feet, needles and drive belt.
    Can you help me locate these items please.
    Can you tell me the age of my machine please
    Pam Speedy

  • Serial Nomber for my manual Sewing Machine Singer is
    I would like to know the year of Manufacture,Thanks

  • I can’t figure out how old my Singer sewing machine is I believe the serial number is ah326622

  • Number G9513281. Bought it yesterday need a pulley belt from motor to wheel. Need to find out where I can get one . Band age , history of machine.

  • I have a vintage Singer Sewing Machine. The Serial # on the plate of the machine does not match any in your company’s online “chart”. Why would that be the case? I need to
    replace a bent broken needle. Singer customer service said all needles are universal and will fit my machine…no matter its age. I ordered what she recommended from I hope it works when it comes by mail. I’m in the middle of a sewing project. There are no local stores to search in my area.

  • Hi I have a treadle machine with serial number prefix of P followed by 6 digits. Can you help date this please? Thank you. Also do you know if parts from prefixF would be compatible.

  • I have an old Singer Treadle Sewing Machine which works perfectly and I love it! I’ve been trying to find more info about how old and where it was made. I’ve been searching the web but had no luck So was hoping you could help me with some sites that might be able to provide me more information about my machine. Model # A J 478043 and I think it was made in 1950. It was purchased for my mother-in-law and now deceased and I have inherited the great machine but have no info nor any attachments can with it. I’m sure there was some but lost in the move after her passing! Could you help me locate information about this model and where could I find vintage accessories of it? Thanks Mary A.

  • I would like to purchase a Singer sewing machine for odd jobs such as seat covers for my car or just covers for chairs in the house also tents not fancy ones just simple ones how can I find out which singer would be the best I would like to buy a vintage model I think they’re very sturdy

  • Can you tell which model of the Singer machine is in the first photo with the red thread and silver markings?

  • Maybe you can help. I bought an old Singer sewing machine as deskmodel. Not these ones mounted in a desk and driven by feet. It is driven by a crank. Now I found your table of the production year where you told that the old machine serial numbers started without a letter. But mine has the following serial number: V616882
    Do everyone will have an explanation on that?
    Many thanks for each hint in advance.

  • I have on old treadle machine with the serial number B457451 which looks to be hand stamped. I didn’t see this series on your chart. Also, on the plate that covers the bobbin are several patent pending dates. The latest is Jan 1891. It is black with gold lettering and gold symbols. One of the symbols appears to be like an Egyptian Spinks.

  • Necesito información de repuesto a para máquinas negras de Singer

  • We have a singer portable machine
    Serial # 2018650
    Trying to figure out year thinking it 1924 and value .

    Thanks ,

  • I have a singer sewing machine in a cabinet. Still works but a little slow cabinet is in great shape a bit blotchy on top. Seri6 number is JB 577180. Would just like to know the age of it and possible value. Ty

  • I like to find out How much is my Singer is worth the nr is JC326469 I cant find

  • Hi I have Singer sewing machine I believe 1962 185k serial Starts ET interested to find out its worth and sell. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
    Many thanks.

  • I have a singer sewing machine with the desk. Where we can tuck the machine in. It is model 500. It’s the slanting sewing machine. It has all the gadgets. What and where can I sell this for. Want to put in my garage sale on sat. The book states 1961 copyright.
    Please answer soon.

  • I have a child’s singer Model 50 and can’t find a serial number. I did find great Britain on it. I know that I got it in 1959 and would like to how much it would be worth

  • AC 728 661
    I cannot find this number on the charts…….could you tell me what year; this were my grandmother singer

  • Serial number- AJ45860 How do I find out which exact model it is ?

  • I just purchased a singer and can’t find a year for it the number on the front panel in EF650704. it looks a lot like my ants machine except hers was a foot pedal. any help would be nice.

  • Hey, i have manual swinger and the serial no is: D72966 What a year she is?

  • singer of course

  • I can not find my serial number on your chart. Its B1519263. Can you tell me the year and rarity?

  • What’s the possible year of my sewing machine or the manufactured date

  • we have a singer in our shop but the serial number does not seem to come up with a match. the serial number for our model is: singer Y2795254

  • What year was this Singer made?

  • I have a singer sewing machine in a cabinet that folds out to sit on top. It’s number is Y8500431, can you tell me what year that might be? Thank you

  • Hi i have an old singer machine but i can’t see the serial number it seems to have wiped off how can i identify what model it is without the serial number?

    • I can not find a number on the machine I just purchased. I would like the answer to this question too please

  • I have a very old peddle Singer, I can’t find a serial # any where, could you give me some insight about the age? It has billet bobbins, and the pressure foot has a crank not a lift. Thank you for any help with this.

  • My Singer Threadle Sewing Machine no 3492618 made 1880 has been in my family since new . I used it when I was about ten years old to make handkys out of old sherts ext . It’s been in use on and off all my life 75 with just a little oil and one or two new belts . I wouldn’t be without it .

  • My singer is AH040279 and I can’t find it on the chart eitiher. Does it have or supposed to have a foot pedal?

    Darrell Cruse

  • My old Singer machine has an nr. V119455 and I could not find this in your chart.
    Can you help me about it? Which year could it be made?
    Thank you!

  • Sorry!
    The wrong number before!
    My old Singer machine has an nr. V1129455 and I could not find this in your chart.
    Can you help me about it? Which year could it be made?
    Thank you!

  • I have recently purchased two singer sowing machines and will like to know what year they are (p539348)&(G2304058) if anyone can help

  • Hi I’m trying to find out from this number D872114 what year & model our machine is?

    Many thanks in advance

  • Hi again the actual Serial number is ED872114 for which I’m trying to find what year & model our machine is.

    Many thanks

  • Hello,
    i just get an Simanco machine with the serial Y7197056, could someone tell me where was it made the production year, please?

  • I have a beautiful older singer and would appreciate any help the ser # G9854307 thank you

  • My machine’s serial number is AB576136. I have not been able to find it listed anywhere. Can you help?

  • Can anyone help me tell when may sewong machine was made? Serial No. is 191F1. This was from my grandmother.

  • Hi
    Fascinating information on the history of the Singer sewing machine.
    I’ve inherited my mother’s, possibly further than that, Singer machine with the little wooden frame and domed wooden box. I don’t know where to find the model number on the machine, and I can’t seem to find this on your chart, but the serial number is
    Are you able to tell me anything about this please?

  • Hi, my Singer has the serial number G4394972 and on another plate Patented Canada Aug 1-1911 Dec 6-1910 and I can’t find my serial number in your chart. I tried the chart on Ismacs but what it had listed was a 31. However, it looks nothing like the pictures I looked up of that model. It has the Sphinx motif on it and none of those model 31 did, nor did they look like my machine. Can you help please? Also, is there a way to get a user’s manual? Thank you so much.

  • I have a G7582136 singer. Does anyone know what year this was made and the value. I would possibly like to sell it.
    Thank you.

  • I have a 1950 model, serial number AJ768456: l am looking for a place to order repair manuals.

  • Hello
    Found in the loft a singer hand crank sowing machine that I’d like to use
    Has a big d stamped on it.
    No. F 1894608
    Age be good but are parts still available

  • Got a Singer 533 serial #83243031. Can yyou tell me how old it is?

  • My great grandmothers sewing machine serial number says it’s unable to be found #AL125713

  • Hi i have 2 numbers on my singer top number is 6693743 lower number 1587943 both on the same plate , can tell me what year it is please, regards mark

  • gaarne wilde ik vragen naar een handleiding van een naaimachiene model 4660 daar ik niet kan zien of het spoelhuis er goed inzit het is een singer festival ser number N325610130

  • I have 191Y desktop hand work model. I dont know whic year this machine. Please contack me

  • Hi, I just bought a beauty but not sure if it is 1910 or 1913, it’s G260 4552. Any help appreciated!

  • zdravim.prosim vas mam spevaka seriove cislo Y3046488 singer 16k33…..prosim vas nemozem ho najst vo vasej tabulke.mozete mi povedat onom nieco viac vzhladom nato ze onom neviem nic.vopred dakujem

  • I have an okt Singer sowingmachine the nummer of the machine is F8287288 . I would like to know how old this machine is or from what year?
    Can anyone tell me?
    Regards Esther

  • I have a Singer woodworking machine with the words Singer Hobbies in big letters wrote across the side of the treadle, the machine has a lathe & a saw. The metal treadle is roughly twice the size of a Singer sewing machine, I read Singer made these machines in the States years ago before they branched into sewing machines.
    We like the metal treadle & will convert the machine into a metal sink base if there is no value in it, if anyone has any info on these old machine called they let me know.
    Thank you Kim

  • Hi, I have an old singer sewing machine in a cabinet. my mother had it in Tanzania East Africa in 1962 and brought it to England in 1970. The Cabinat has a stamp saying “COMPAGNIA SINGER – MILANO” COLLAUDO MOBIL! MACHINE PER CUCIRE DATED 18 OTT 1962 AND A NUMBER SAYING 7996. There are various numbers on the machine 1. 199297
    2. 401G
    3. 172028
    4. 161608
    5. 1706 506? Do not know which is the serial number
    It’s a beautiful caninet. The Top cover opensout and the bottom door rests under it and the machine pulls out to sit upright. with a foot movement and an electric power from socket from side of the machine.
    I am trying to find out the age of the machine and what it might cost, if you can kindly tell me.
    Many Thanks

  • Hi, I have a sewing machine with serial number R1277923, I’ve had a look at the table and I think it was made in 1903? it has the original case along with the key & a bobbin, I’m not sure how the bobbin fit’s into the case?
    Is there any videos or any idea of the value of the machine?
    Thanks in advance

  • I have a electric singer sewing machine that was given to me by my grandfather, the serial number is EF117-427 and I’m looking to see how old it is, I cant seem to find the same serial number anywhere, it says made in canada

  • I have an Older Singer electric machine
    Serial # G715476. , only 6 numbers not 7
    The chart with seven numbers puts the manufacturing date at 1919 ?
    Does that sound correct ?
    Thank you

  • can ı learn my singer sewing years please? 2 numeric numbers there. 1 of 7105223 and under this number 1808823. Thank you

  • Hi I also have a singer # JB172257 was told it was 1913 no sure it is a beautiful machine works great and look amazing I would love any info you have did not see on the list the motor # k5555191 made in great Britain thanks

    • Hi. I have Singer with y3905185 serial number
      I guess from 1926..
      Can anyone say how rare is it,or price,or anything?

  • I have a 1910 G no.37705 singer where can I find it’s value.

  • Hi, I have an old singer mannual machine, but everything written on it is whipped off. The only number I can see under is SINGER 173821. Please I would like to know the year of production and it worth.

  • Hello I have an old singer treadle 7drawer oak I think, serial number is EA858500, info on its manufacturing date and value would be very interesting,

  • I also have an old singer comes in an arched veneer box like Containment, serial number is, Y569968, I would be interested to know it’s year of manufacture and also it’s value please

  • EA858500 This is a 7 drawer treadle Singer sewing machine please give me all the info you have.

  • Hello every one.

    I just bought one Singer machine with the serial N° Y 11595, she has sphinx decals, and in a treadle cabinet W/ 5 drawers.
    I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to date and understand the origins/manufacturer and model…

    hopefully someone could help me with this… thank you all

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