Create something

Create something

Choose a fabric and print your design on it

Our most versatile fabrics

Excellent all rounders, these fabrics are perfect for a wide variety of projects and applications. 

Suede Vision

A heavy faux-suede fabric that's perfect for upholstery projects and curtains. Fire rated and Scuff-resistant, Suede Vision is a great choice for re-covering vintage chairs or creating soft, strokeable cushions.

Start Design


A heavy Diamond Twill fabric, with a soft brushed face. This heavy 290gsm fabric is hard-wearing and opaque, with strong colour printing and a cream base tone. A perfect fabric choice for cushions and other soft furnishings.

Apparel and dressmaking

If you're looking to create the dress or clothing project of your dreams, these stylish threads have you covered. 

Silk Satin

100% natural silk, which will make you feel beautiful. This chic silk fabric is durable and ethereal in its lightweight and draping tendencies. It is smooth and graceful with a stunning glossy shine and a soft, fluid motion. 

Silk Georgette

Our beautifully lightweight Silk Georgette is 100% natural silk, which has a sheer, almost gossamer appearance. It is a delicate fabric, with a distinctive crepe-like texture throughout and a bouncy personality, making it perfect for fashion and scarf making.

Cushion & Beddings

Soft and cosy, these snuggly bedding fabrics are perfect for duvets, bedsheets and pillows.  

Peached Polycotton Sheeting

Woven into a tight, plain weave, this fabric is light but strong with a soft cotton face. It is durable and breathable and both the front and back are silky smooth and soft, that feels delicate and wonderful against the skin; perfect for bedding.

Lima Cotton

Our Lima Cotton family is a real favourite for bedding and cushion making. This solid yet surprisingly light cotton fabric is taut and hard-wearing, while being wonderfully soft and smooth against the skin. It locks in heat well, making it ideal for bedding and homeware.

Furnishing & upholstery

Durable, weighty and stylish, these fabrics are perfect for upholstery projects and creating your own furnishings. 

Woven Canvas

These simple woven canvas fabrics come in 500gsm and 300gsm and are a versatile and functional fabric. The solid build and durability of this fabric lends itself to a wide range of uses including base fabric for the home, wall hangings, cushion making and more. 


Our custom printed Blackout fabric is totally light resistant and waterproof. It is ideal for custom window blinds, bags and curtains for children. The smooth face shows colours beautifully while the blackout lining stops light.