Idle Uwi

We are a freshly squeezed laidback lifestyle brand specializing in surface textile design and designing for decor and chillout lifestyle products. Our brand Idle Uwi is driven by color aesthetics, also fueled by chillinspired music and powered by our passion to create a brand that is rooted in relaxation. We decided in the Summer of 2015 to work on the project and it’s been a long journey to get here. We have been busy since then putting together a collection and connecting with manufacturers and stores to showcase our brand.

Who do we design for, or main target market? Well we create for the aesthetically adventurous, the offbeat soul searchers, the lazy day lovers and of course the laidback music obsessive. Our timeless design style is unbound by age and gender mostly. All this makes for a fusion of cute street style and colorful dreamy hippy mystique.

We have sincere passion and love for colorful surface pattern design, especially retro aesthetic pastel colors, geometric and fun playful patterns. Being children of the 80s and 90s our design style can be very derivative from that era no doubt. Think bold, colorful but always with a laid back simplicity and with playful iconic imagery.

Life can be hectic and often far too serious, we like to break out from the chore of everyday normality and step into a more overly simplified way of life. Our vision is to spread some joy around by creating colorful and chilled out products with a unique adventurous graphical statement.


Idle Uwi

Chillout fashion and lifestyle products catering for the aesthetically adventurous, chillwave music obsessives and pop culture aficionados.