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Designer Wallpaper


It’s time to brighten your home with colour-popping walls with designer wallpaper. We have easy-to-apply wallpaper patterns rolls and thousands of bold pattern wallpaper designs curated by our #ContradoCreatives. Shop designer wallpaper for walls and accents in your home, from painterly florals in repeat patterns wallpaper to minimalist colour blocks. Whatever your desired style, we have designs to revamp all your rooms and neglected hallways. See every space in colour when you explore our range of home decoration designer wallpaper.


    Designer Wallpaper for Walls 

    Find your match in our contemporary designer art wallpaper. When you’ve found a pattern you’ve fallen in starry-eyed love with, choose from our matte finish paper options – all made to last, odour-free and easy to hang for painless decorating in your home. Before you shop for patterned wallpaper for walls in your studios and home space, use our wallpaper calculator to find out how many rolls you need. We have designer wallpaper print samples as well so you can experiment and discover the effortlessly stunning accent to your wall of choice. Not to mention, we have a wide range of paper styles to pair beautifully with your painted walls or overall aesthetic at home.

    We also print our designer wallpaper for walls in your homes using eco-friendly water-based inks, so when entering the dimensions you need, just add a little extra space to prepare for shrinkage. The best thing: our premium printing method allows the colours to vibrate off your walls, giving that modern colour-popping effect every miserably plain wall needs. So shop designer wallpaper for walls in need of a bright makeover.

    Bold Pattern Wallpaper  

    Identify the space you’d like to swathe with pattern wallpaper and consider the wall's size and function. We have a wide range of artist wallpaper patterns printed for your desired mood, be it a cool coastal pattern wallpaper for walls in the bathroom or a maximalist animal motif for the bedroom. If you’re struggling to decide, why not create a moodboard to help you visualise? Whatever the mood, let our home decor designer wallpaper be the life and soul of any room it graces.

    Our bold pattern wallpaper makes a statement, but more importantly, they’re printed with dreamy photos and art. Easily, the best way to decorate is to fill every room with art stories that inspire you. So when you’ve ordered the wall art wallpaper patterns your picture taking over your walls, and we’ve delivered it fast to your door, hang it up and frame some of our artist-designed canvases to accent the room. It’s a fact that wall art is to wallpaper what coffee is to mornings: not to be missed.

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