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What is Poplin?  If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is poplin’ then you’re in the right place. You’ve probably, most definitely, worn some variation of poplin, whether it’s 100% cotton poplin or a cotton-poly blend. Whilst traditionally it was primarily used for commonplace attire, it now has a place both in your everyday wardrobe and haute couture fashion. Its popularity is […]

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The artist Svetlana Petrova (who has recently joined Contrado community) is the artist behind the infamous Fat Cat Art. She has taken her love of cats to the next level – by adding her ginger tabby Zarathustra (yes, that’s the actual name of her cat) to some of the world’s greatest artworks. Svetlana then went […]

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At Contrado we love combining art and design with fashion and textiles to produce unique products, created through our processes of digital printing, sewing and embroidering. Together with our talented artists we bring creativity and design work to traditional fabrics and textiles, making new and exciting pieces through our use of materials. Artist Joan Miró […]