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Exclusive/unique products
Exclusive products

Unique products with Bulk and no min order Wholesaler discounts

Speed - we are fast
Fast production and delivery

Customise over 450 premium products and have them delivered in 1 - 2 days



Low carbon footprint products made under one roof. You design, we print and make here in London.

Quality products
Quality products

We develop our own products and patterns for a unique offering.

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one-stop production facility
one-stop production facility

Contrado's eco-friendly approach: Where Creativity Meets Sustainability

Discover the limitless potential at Contrado's one-stop production facility, where quality and sustainability converge. Unlock a world of customisable, handmade products on demand. Harness the power at Contrado's facility to offer your customers exclusive, ethically-produced designer items. Join us in redefining the way you do business, while upholding high ethical standards contributing to a sustainable future.

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We work with brands big and small

We work with brands big and small

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cut and sew manufacturing?

As bespoke cut and sew manufacturers, UK based. We customise your garments from raw fabric. We take your designs, print them onto the fabric, prior to the cut and sew process, ensuring full-colour edge-to-edge print. Cut and sew apparel is generally of a higher quality than a mass-produced item as it is all made by hand and every care and attention has gone into creating each and every individual item within your custom clothing line.

How are your cut and sew services different from standard online ordering?

Our cut and sew clothing services are specifically designed for resellers, and we specialise in smaller print runs. This means that we can offer premium, high-quality products to independent designers and small businesses with wholesale pricing, at the same superb handmade quality that we sell to our customers, without you having to commit to larger print runs.

Do I have to resell my products through your platform?

You can sell your products wherever you like, it's entirely down to you. You don't even have to sell them online, you can do so at a market stall, exhibition or even within a physical store. Our custom cut and sew manufacturing services offer you the ability to mix and match the designs, sizes and products to qualify for up to a 40% price reduction in bulk ordering discounts.

Will the products contain your branding?

There will be no Contrado labelling, so you can sell each product as your own brand. With multiple garments you will be offered the option to design your own custom label as well, so you can create your own personal design, or even add information as required to the label. Each custom label is created at the time of your order, so you can change it each time if you want to.

How easy is it to start ordering?

You can start in a matter of minutes. Simply upload your design to our simple-to-use online interface and you can personalise each part of the product separately. Take full control over the design itself as well as the placement, orientation and many other features. Simply save your product to your account and it's there to order at any time you like.

What products can be made as cut & sew?

Cut and sew is predominantly used for garments, as it is the process of cutting the fabric and sewing it together to make something. We specialise in cut and sew clothing such as hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, leggings and so much more. However, things like curtains, rugs and teddy bears are also cut and sew, as we start with the fabrics and then produce the product.

How does cut and sew work?

Cut and sew products are made exactly that way, by cutting and then sewing. However, there is much more to it than that. Firstly our print technicians use state-of-the-art digital printing techniques to bond eco-friendly, water-based inks deep into the fibres of the fabric. Then our expert craftsmen cut everything to size and shape, following out exclusive patterns that have been designed in-house. Finally, our artisan seamstresses will stitch everything together before any finishing touches, such as zips and buttons, are added.