Abigail Knott Accessories

Abigail Knott creates print designs based around the themes of texture and structure. Particularly looking at architectural forms in Manchester as well as taking a scientific approach by viewing and photographing fabric and textiles using high definition microscopes. Her prints experiment with the conceptual idea of play, often mixing man made patterns with nature. Abigail strives to create sophisticated geometric patterns energised by luminous colours. 

In the past she has produced small collections of digitally collaged designs, printing onto silk to create luxurious scarves and digitally printed leather pieces. Passionate about creating unique designs, her prints are often unusual, combining hand drawn illustrations and photography to create compositions that are both textural and decorative.

Abigail Knott has partnered with Contrado UK to produce a range of printed accessories for exclusive online sale, the collections range from alternative ‘surreal’ scenes to museum inspired ‘arrangements’.


Abigail Knott Accessories

The collections range from alternative ‘surreal’ scenes to museum inspired ‘arrangements’.