With a masters degree in interior design (which in Germany is more about technical issues than decorating rooms) Andrea wanted to be more creative. So she went back to what she has loved ever since: making art! At the same time she loves traveling and for almost 10 years she was travelling and working in different countries, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. The colours and climate of the Antilles in particular inspired her and influenced her art a lot. When it was time to go back to Germany, she spent a couple of years in the exciting city of Berlin and enjoyed a completely different lifestyle. After she coincidentally visited a former dairy farm in the rural countryside of the very North of Germany, close to the Baltic Sea, she bought the old house within a week and eventually settled down. She has found the perfect place to work and live, since she loves nature and the sea, this peaceful area is the perfect surrounding for her. Andrea's work is licensed by a lot of companies in the wall art and homeware industry, but she very much appreciates the freedom of working independently. Her style is versatile because she just loves to "play" and experiment by combining all kinds of different techniques and dictions in her work. So she creates simple pattern as well as detailed illustrations or typography, uses digital techniques as well as a paintbrush and acrylics or her camera. Many of her designs can be called 'mixed media' because she often combines her original paintings with digital elements.