Billie’s A/W17 collection will take you through Billie’s journey and experiences of living in Indonesia for 3 months while on the British Council’s residency program from GFW. While in Indonesia, Billie explored Jakarta, Baduy, Sumba and Bali. During her time in Bali, she took inspiration from the temples, the patterns, and the incredible culture which she’s really transferred in to her collection with her signature textiles and instantly recognisable prints. For this collection, Billie wants to try working with different materials and techniques, which she learned about during her stay in Indonesia and Bali. One thing Billie noticed was the use of pleats in traditional Balinese and Indonesian outfits, this is something that Billie want’s to carry in to her own designs with the use of bright bold prints. Another technique Billie picked up whilst in Jakarta was traditional batik, and she plans to integrate this technique within her collection whilst keeping a signature contemporary twist. Billie is keen to show her experiences through her prints and garments. Here you'll find these inspired prints adorned across Splat Leggings, Bombers and Swimsuits.

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