Inspirational Art for Home Decor, Fashion & Travel

Inspirational Art for Home Decor, Fashion & Travel

I'm a multidisciplinary artist and designer and have built the ‘Dominique Vari’ brand around my desire to create unique and distinctive designs.

It all started with my passion with words. Since, I’ve been exploring artistic opportunities and challenges, experimenting with new techniques from hand-drawing to generative digital art. With a less is more approach, my work often starts with my digital camera. My style is minimal and varies from simple nature, geometric art and patterns, to typographic images, surreal and emotive artistry including distorted and abstract images.

Inspiration comes from everything and anything. Being a Nature Lover, this is often reflected in my work. Colours, space and texture are other key elements. My colour process is key and can take a long time. I love vibrant and pastel colours as much as using black and white palettes and transform simple subject matter into fresh and inspiring images.

I'm truly passionate and strive to bring more beauty into Everyday life, on a great variety of products. Come and visit again soon, I will be launching new designs regularly.

London, UK