Dustless Soul Creations
Dustless Soul Creations specify in the production of unusual and unconventional items that are not available within your everyday reach. Creating works ranging from lighting to photography and illustration to home decor; Dustless Soul Creations strives to produce something that the viewer can be deemed 'unthinkable', 'extraordinary' and occasionally 'absurd'. We strive to fill a gap within the current creative market and offer you something that could be described as 'a little different'. The Artist behind the Works: Using a endless array of techniques, methods and production processes, Kelly Blake has developed an exceptionally wide range of production skills that she applies across all areas of her work. Using methods of free-hand illustration, digital techniques and combinations of both, she has developed her style to create something unique, standout, and instantly recognisable. Kelly has undertaken illustration commissions from many different people, ranging from celebrities and corporate businesses to animal lovers or simply fans of her work. Along the way, she studied an extensive and wide range of subjects obtaining a foundation degree in Graphics & Illustration, an ABFS diploma in motion picture production at film school and a Masters Degree in Cinematography and Post Production whilst studying in London. Since graduating in 2013, Kelly has completed work on a large variety of projects including feature films, books, games and most recently comic books under the IDW Publishing label. She has also been asked to take part in several art exhibitions and galleries around Bristol.

Bristol, United Kingdom