Elysian - Women's Floral Print Fashion and Accessories
Elysian - Women's Floral Print Fashion and Accessories

Elysian is a fashion floral print brand designed and curated by Australian graphic apparel designer Kelly-Ann Campbell. Hand drawn florals inspired by the latest catwalk fashion trends from around the world.

What does Elysian mean exactly? Elysian is a greek word meaning beautiful, creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. Its all things nice wrapped up into one tiny word! It is this word that Kelly keeps in mind when drawing, painting and designing her prints. It is the word that shes want to communicate through her brand. Just like her prints intend to bring colour and light to your wardrobe or room. Elysian the brand is set out to shed colour and light to every day life. It is here to encourage women to literally stop and smell the roses. Its here to make catwalk colour and print trends accessible to all.  It intends to celebrate all things creative, beautiful, peaceful and perfect including who you are.

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