Jan Olive Designs - Surface | Pattern | Print

Jan Olive Designs - Surface | Pattern | Print

Welcome to my Store. 

I'm Jan Olive, a  freelance Textile and Surface Designer from Somerset. I'm surrounded by beautiful countryside and beaches and this inevitably inspires my work. I also have a love of music, art, coffee, colour, thunderstorms, snowy mountains, good books, birds, disco, seeing land from the sea and clouds.

Oh, I also can't resist a good notebook. Or pen!


Each of my pattern designs starts with a drawing, photograph or painting which I then develop into a fully repeating pattern. I aim to keep an element of my own hand in each design which I feel adds to their uniqueness.

As I generally work with vectors in Adobe Illustrator my designs are scaleable without loss of image quality.  


Please enjoy browsing in my store and I hope you find something you like.