Lotti Brown Designs - Colourful Homewares & Accessories

Lotti Brown Designs - Colourful Homewares & Accessories

Beautiful Birds Collection - Colourful Homewares & Accessories Celebrating British Birds ( 123 Products )

Back to Nature Collection - Patterned Homewares & Accessories Inspired by Nature ( 67 Products )

In my Summer Garden Collection - Colourful, Patterned Homewares & Accessories ( 189 Products )

A Taste of the Tropical - Colourful Homewares and Accessories with an Exotic Feel ( 37 Products )

Beachcomber Collection - Coastal-inspired Homewares and Accessories in Soft Colours ( 67 Products )

Japanese Garden Collection - Patterned Homewares and Accessories Inspired by an Oriental Garden ( 81 Products )

Nostalgic Flowers Collection - Pretty, Floral Homewares & Accessories with a Vintage Feel ( 54 Products )

Crazee Colourful Classics Collection - Feel the Fun with Vibrant Homewares and Accessories ( 68 Products )

Hello. My name is Lotti. I am an artist and surface pattern designer based in rural East Yorkshire in the UK. I create intricate and colourful artworks inspired by the birds, leaves, and flowers I see every day in my garden and in the fields near my home. I create my designs and artworks from my detailed pen and ink drawings, which I then work on in Adobe Illustrator to create vibrantly coloured and energetic pieces to decorate fabrics, clothing, homewares and accessories. Perfect for adding a statement piece to your home or wardrobe. Treat yourself or a friend.

Yorkshire, UK

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