Melody Grossman Art
London artist and designer Melody Grossman teams up with Contrado to bring you an exclusive collection of printed fashion and homeware products. Melody's work examines the relationship between painting and photography, whilst looking at the effects of paint as a means for translating certain visuals from one medium to another. In particular it focuses on the process of abstraction that occurs in this process. Alongside this, her subjects explore the notions of identity, sexuality, longing and loss. She creates abstract expressionist paintings using vivid colours, energetic brush strokes and striking details of the human body and face, creating unique and colourful abstract portraiture. Her digital prints look at the way natural and digital matter can be merged to create unique, aesthetically exciting designs, resulting in vibrant layered neon prints featuring delicate flowers, plants and unusual textures. Both collections feature a carefully curated selection of high-quality pieces which can be enjoyed by everyone.