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3 Steps To Get More Online Sales Over Christmas

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What do you think of when you read the word ‘Christmas?’ For many, it is a time of ‘family’, others ‘faith’, to some it’s ‘food’ and others ‘fun’. Perhaps you think of late night shopping and Christmas lights, or the smell of chestnuts and the sound of carol singers, maybe you think of wrapped presents and sitting around a fireplace, or perhaps your thoughts are more emotionally driven, a feeling of excitement or melancholy. Christmas is a time of all the above and more; it is also a time of opportunity. Never is there a time when ‘moderation’ goes so far out the window than with Christmas. So how do you capitalise on this feeding frenzy?

If you own a store you may believe that sales would go up around Christmas, and you are right, however, parallel to the growth in sales is the growth in competition. Below are 3 tips to beat the competition and grow your store during the festive season.

Sales Faster Than Santa’s Sleigh

Einstein once said, “Try not to become a person of success but a person of value.” This right here is the first step to increasing sales. Understanding that customers do not want you, they want a solution to their problem, is an essential part in growing your brand. So, what is it that customers want over Christmas? They want the above, all those emotive aspects that we think about with Christmas. By bringing the experience of Christmas into your brand you can capitalise on people’s emotions.

Warm Up Your Product Range

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People are quick to view something and decide if they want to look further or give you a bounce rate. What is the first impression of your shop? Do you sell sunglasses, t-shirts or beach towels? Do you have a banner advertising summer bikinis? It may prove more effective to add scarves, gloves, candles, or wintery items to your product list. This doesn’t just apply to retail, how can you change your shop to be relevant to what people need in that moment?

Get Festive With Your Keywords

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Along with the ones mentioned in the first paragraph, Christmas has other synonyms, including ‘cosy,’ ‘snug,’ and ‘toasty’. Try to use emotive, festive-related words in your descriptions. Link the copy to the experience that people want to feel. Make sure to enrich your copy with longtail keywords; understanding that a keyword like ‘socks’ is highly competitive, you can make the search less competitive by adding in ‘winter socks’ or even better ‘warm winter socks’. Fill your titles and descriptions with long tailed keywords and make sure to keep a positive voice that creates the experience of Christmas.

Make Use of Free Marketing

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Social media offers the chance to get your product range in front of people, completely free. Why not create a festive themed infographic and share it on Instagram with relevant hashtags? LinkedIn is an underused market where you can connect with thousands of people and share your posts. You can even be creative and make a short video. You are more likely to generate hits with images and media, so try not to add bulk text without supporting images. Make sure your graphics are high quality, fun and festive!

With some tweaking, your shop will benefit from the winter sales. Contrado offers the most diverse range of custom products, you can add your designs, create a shop, and sell with us for a high commission. Why not create your own shop in time for Christmas?

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