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Artists At Contrado: Meet the Contrado Creatives

artists at contrado

At Contrado, we are all about making you the designer.

We work with creatives, turning their visions into stunning, bespoke products, which they can wear, sell, or fill their home with. But did you know that we have recently launched an artist’s platform? A platform where handpicked artists at Contrado can sell their original artwork onto our handmade products.

Artists at Contrado

Creativity makes us tick. Over the years, we have seen so many incredibly creative customers, printing their beautiful art onto our products, that it got us thinking. What if we offered these customers, and other artists the opportunity to sell their designs, on our handmade products? We sounded it out to some long-standing customers, and they loved the idea. Fast forward months of hard work, and a new website and platform, multiple cups of tea and coffee, and…drum roll please…the Contrado Artist Platform was born.

We are extremely proud of our designers and artists at Contrado, who are able to build their very own branded store with us.

When stunning, original artwork and designs fuse with custom made, handmade products, wonderful things happen! These designers are able to choose from our extensive list of over 400 handmade items. Ranging from fashion, to fabric, to homeware, they can make them their very own, by printing their art onto them.

We like to think that this gives artists an opportunity to reach an audience, they might not have been able to on their own. As well as being able to just produce incredible art, while we take care of all the nitty gritty stuff.

contrado creatives artists at contrado

Meet the Contrado Creatives

We like to call our artists and designers, Contrado Creatives. From starting with just a couple, to now having more than 50, and soon, who knows? These super talented folk can build their own brand and product lines, which can then be sold to you! Over the next few weeks, we want to introduce you to the Contrado Creatives. You can get to know a bit about them, their work, and maybe support them by buying some of their unique artwork.

Time to meet the first batch!  

Third Eye Design

Third Eye Design is a brand created by illustrator and artist, Grace Williams. Grace finds inspiration through nature and animals, which is apparent in her stunning body of work. Grace combines traditional drawing styles, with a touch of a surreal and unusual twist, giving her work a distinct and stand-out look.

You will notice a great level of detail in Grace’s work, which she says comes from her interest in old style, intricate scientific illustrations.

Third Eye Design is a brand, which can appeal to anyone, any sex, and any age. The products in the range promote a simple, and clean aesthetic. Accessories and apparel, which compliment each other, but are just as impressive when worn alone.

third eye design artist at contrado
Be inspired by Third Eye Design’s eclectic and inspired artwork

Marion McConaghie Design

Imagine discovering a beautiful and rare find at a dusty antique shop, or a bustling flea market. That is what it feels like, when you look at the art of Marion McConaghie Design. These delicate and intricate prints, look absolutely stunning on the range of products chosen by Marion for her store.

Inspired by contemporary designs that have a vintage feel.  Marion’s prints have a real sense of tradition, history, and something else, which is just familiar and comforting.

Finding inspiration from antique shops, markets, and vintage fairs, these prints bring a wonderful sense of nostalgia to the products. Old books and curiosities adds to her aesthetic, which is brought to life  by using innovative print techniques blended with digital processes. The end result is a timeless collection, and a versatile brand.

marion mcconaghie design at contrado
Marion’s vintage inspired designs will add a sentimental touch to your space

Hoshiko Art

Add some colour and a big dose of fun to your life, with the art of Hoshiko. This adorable, and distinct brand is heavily influenced by the artist’s love of anime and manga. Originally a graffiti artist, Hoshiko now works as a graphic designer, illustrator and painter. Her work is inspired by Japanese kawaii (or cute) culture. She gives an usual twist, by adding an element of graffiti style and bold, graphic lines.

Everything is given a cute edge, even evil monsters! Bright colours and bold outlines truly makes Hoshiko’s work stand out.

The block colours and clean lines work brilliantly on Hoshiko’s Contrado line. Homeware, such as beanbags and blankets, accessories, and clothing, work together to create a fun, vibrant collection guaranteed to make you smile.

hoshiko art at contrado
Inject some cute Japanese style into your life with Hoshiko’s kawaii designs

Art by Heath Kane

Don’t just wear art – tell a story! With Heath Kane’s iconic and memorable designs, you can fill your wardrobe, and your home, with pieces that will inspire, and evoke opinions. Screen printer Heath Kane’s style is very much informed by a design way of thinking, i.e. the idea always comes first.

Most of the prints you will find in this collection use vivid, neon colours, as they are best at catching the eye. The designs lean heavily on subversive, and sometimes political themes. If you want your clothes to highlight your opinion, this is the brand for you!

Inspiration for the collection comes from the artist’s interest in the daily happenings of the world, through reading newspapers and articles. Contemporary politics and stories in the public eye create thought-provoking prints, which are part of a bigger narrative.

heath kane art at contrado
Stand out with Heath Kane’s vibrant and subversive designs


Daniele Quartu is the impressive artist behind Q-Artwork. From vector art to digital printing, Q-Artwork is a brand, which has something for everyone. Daniele designs cute kawaii inspired characters as well as abstract and minimal creations, always with a hint geekiness. Inspiration comes from everything from video games and TV shows, to cult movies and RPGs. Characters such as monsters, aliens and robots find their way into the designs.

Finding influence from music and art amongst other outlets, this is a collection, which will appeal to a wide range of style tastes. In particular, anyone who wants to appease their inner nerd or geeky attitude.

q-artwork designs at contrado
From traditional drawing to digital painting, there is something for everyone with Q-Artwork


If you like your style to stand out, and make a big impression, then Mentalembellisher is the collection for you! Filled with colour, and plenty of references to the worlds of theatre, circus and dance, Mentalembellisher’s quirky, and at times, off the wall designs, will leave you begging for more! The recognisable style always has a camp, retro feel, brimming with humour and busyness.

Ann, the talented artist behind Mentalembellisher, finds inspiration pretty much everywhere she looks. Even in the most unlikely of places, where she is always on the hunt for new and surprising things to be found.

Ann’s art will appeal to anyone who is turned off by minimalism, and who loves camp and kitsch aesthetics. A silly sense of humour is a must, if you want to rock a piece by Mentalembellisher, not to mention a love of colour and creativity.

mentalembellisher at contrado
Mix colour, humour, and creativity and you will find yourself in the quirky world of Mentalembellisher


Amanda, the artist behind Mandascat, has been working in the art world for over 30 years. From community artist, to arts co-ordinator and pretty much everything in between. Over the last 2 years, she has been actively designing, and creating the unique collection of Mandascat.

Influenced by the artist’s eclectic interests, including dance, music, surface pattern, nature, animals, and modern art, this is a collection, which will be sure to make you smile. With a love of accidental colour combinations, and children’s illustrations, Mandascat will lead you down an exciting path, and fill your home with colour, humour and individuality.

All designs are hand-drawn and digitally composed, fusing traditional methods with contemporary practises. Above all, the designs are visually appealing, bright and happy. They will fill any home with warmth, vibrancy and character.

mandascat designs at contrado
Mandascat’s stylish, quirky and lively designs will brighten up your day, and your home!

CJ Crainer

Currently in her final year studying Contemporary Arts, artist CJ Crainer creates stunningly bold and colourful designs, which will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. CJ likes to experiment with colours, that ordinarily might not go together. This creates an unexpected yet exciting journey of discovery.

All designs have a “made by hand” element, highlighting any slight imperfections, adding to the work’s unique qualities. Each piece in her collection makes a statement, and are ideal for building a bespoke look.

Great for injecting a hit of colour, the pieces in CJ’s Contrado store range from dynamic homeware, to bold swimwear. This is a collection which is all about having fun, and not taking life too seriously. Uplifting and vivacious, this brand is a must for anyone who wants a little fun in their life.

cj crainer designs at contrado
Have fun and embrace colour with CJ Crainer’s vibrant, feel good designs


Dublin based graphic designer and illustrator Arron Croasdell is the innovative talent behind ACID. This highly energetic and vivacious collection will draw you in, thanks to its strong colour palette and exciting illustrations. Describing his style as “quite toxic and grotesque,” ACID depicts gruesome and rough characters, which are intriguing and attractive nonetheless.

Finding inspiration from the sights and sounds of his city, and the dedication and optimism of the people he meets, this brand will appeal to anyone who has a slightly more surreal side.

Shying away from the clean and crisp styles of minimal art, ACID is a collection which was made to be noticed.

acid illustrations at contrado
Go on a wild ride with ACID’s toxic designs and unique illustrations

If you fancy to sell your own art, sign up to become a #ContradoCreative and start creating unique products with your design.

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