For Artists

facebook tips for artists blog post

As an artist, you may think that Instagram is the only social media platform worth your time. It’s aesthetically focused, fosters niche communities and offers users a lot of creative inspiration. In a nutshell, it’s an artist’s haven. But Facebook, when used right, can be an effective marketing tool to promote your brand and artwork.   Skeptical? Understandable. […]

Get Inspiration/Ideas

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We express ourselves in so many different ways, from makeup and hair styles to tattoos and music preferences. Fashion, however, offers a different kind of empowerment in that the creative opportunities are limitless. Want to wear clashing colours, textures and patterns? Do it. Want to create a fusion between vintage and modern trends? Go for it.   Though […]

Learn the Basics

sewing for beginners blog post

Where to Start Sewing for Beginners  When it comes to sewing for beginners, where to start with your sewing kit can often get overlooked. Needles? Check. Threads? Check. Ready to go? Not just yet! There’s a whole array of other useful things you should have in your beginner’s sewing kit from day one, allowing you to breeze through your first craft […]

Learn the Basics

what is poplin blog post image of shirts

What is Poplin?  If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is poplin’ then you’re in the right place. You’ve probably, most definitely, worn some variation of poplin, whether it’s 100% cotton poplin or a cotton-poly blend. Whilst traditionally it was primarily used for commonplace attire, it now has a place both in your everyday wardrobe and haute couture fashion. Its popularity is […]