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Contrado Creatives #10: Graffiti Creations And Zen Ruminations

contrado creatives 10

With a new month comes a new chance to meet another group of super talented Contrado Creatives. These are the artists who make up our online market place, filling it with must-have products, original designs and a lot of colour and character.

Several months on from launching the market place, it is now filled with a plethora of talent and different artistic styles. We always get so excited when a new artist joins us, and starts to build a brand, which we hope will gain them the fans and recognition that they deserve. It’s amazing to see so many different types of artists, all looking to spread the message of supporting undiscovered talent. Whatever your preference is, we can guarantee that you will find one, if not several, Contrado Creatives that will cater to it. From watercolour painters and fine artists to tattooists and graffiti artists, there truly is something for everyone at Contrado.

Contrado Creatives

Every month we introduce you to a selection of our artists, through our blog. We hope that by giving you a deeper insight into their methods, style and lives, that it will entice you to visit their stores and give them your support. Whether you love homeware, accessories, or fashion, these remarkable artists have created a collection to suit all tastes and budgets. This month, we meet 6 more artists; Ellie Cartlidge, Tana Pither, Inma Garcia, Artist SG Designs, Marina Popska, and Ali Elly.

contrado creatives

Ellie Cartlidge

Textile Design graduate Ellie Cartlidge has a beautiful and distinct style, that brings colour, vibrancy and trend-led creations to Contrado. While at university, Ellie discovered a love for surface pattern, and she quickly learned how to develop her drawings into prints using software such as Photoshop and Ned Graphics.

Having specialised in digital textile design, Ellie has developed a love for creating trend-led prints, which work perfectly for both homeware and fashion. Although she is renowned for her original hand-drawn, detailed designs, Ellie now finds that she can vary her style to suit different tastes and different end uses. Hand-drawn motifs are combined with photographic elements. This bespoke style fuses a hand-crafted aesthetic with a contemporary edge.

Nature provides the greatest inspiration for Ellie’s work, but also fashion and interior trends. Her design technique always starts with drawing or painting, and it is this method that adds so much character and individuality to her work.

ellie cartlidge

Tana Pither

Be inspired by nature and 1930’s East Africa with Tana Pither’s stunning imagery and vivid designs. Having specialised in Textile Design and Printed Textiles, Tana’s work is full of exotic flora and fauna, created with a distinct range of painting techniques.

Describing her style as “expressive realism,” Tana uses mainly gouache and acrylic paint to produce her bold designs. These mediums allow her to experiment with brushstrokes and vibrant colours. The gouache in particular adds a strength and matt finish to Tana’s works, which only emphasises the beautiful subject matter.

Tana’s latest collection “East African Explorer” is based on the artist’s grandfather’s photographs and paintings from the 1930’s. This unique representation shows the true beauty and diversity of the natural world. With homeware pieces and accessories, Tana’s Contrado collection will bring new depth to your living space.

tana pither

Inma Garcia

Textile Print Designer Inma Garcia has been specialising in designing surface prints for furnishing fabrics since 1994. This specialism now involves designing prints for homeware, textiles, and wallcoverings for both the interior and fashion industries.

Her elegant and bold prints work beautifully on both homeware and fashion and add an on-trend, fun element to functional products. Inma gains her inspiration from several areas. The simplicity of nature’s organic shapes is one that is apparent immediately when looking at her Contrado collection. “Summer Leaf” and “Night Petals” are 2 collections that reflect this love of the natural world. Geometric shapes and tribal patterns also play a role, along with an elegant zen vibe.

Inma works with contemporary software to develop new layouts and compositions of sketches and drawings. This unique process allows her to create stunning repeat patterns and motifs that will bring style and character to your home.

inma garcia

Artist SG Designs

Bold, powerful and attention-grabbing, the work of Artist SG Designs is sure to leave a big impression. The artist behind the brand, Saulius Ginetas, started his creative journey when he was just 13 years old. Starting with a passion for graffiti art, Saulius’ passion has continued to grow, and his artistic methods have evolved.

Describing his style as purely expressive, it is plain to see his graffiti art background. However, there is more sophistication in his method now, and his experimentation into different artistic techniques has added to his aesthetic. Filled with bright colours and dynamic shapes, Saulius has tried his hand at everything from print making and sculpture to paintings and digital art. All these practises have helped mould his current style, which is pure print power!

When it comes to the Artist SG Designs customer, Saulius believes that they are open-minded individuals, who are not afraid to express themselves. His powerful designs can be found on a selection of custom made bomber jackets in his Contrado store, which are the perfect canvas for them.

artist sg designs

Marina Popska

Prepare for colour and positivity, and lots of it. Marina Popska’s lively and optimistic designs are the perfect way to inject a big dose of colour and style into your life. Marina comes from a long line of artistic talent; from tailors and textile designers to professors in Fashion and Textile Design, Marina’s creative heritage is varied and rich. Much like her art.

Marina describes her style as “a colourful hurricane of flying madness; bright, bold and eclectic and full of light and positivity.” Her love of patterns and textures has contributed to her evolving style over the years. She constantly experiments with colours, prints, and shades, and has developed a distinct aesthetic, where colours and textile compositions work together in perfect harmony.

Working with a combination of hand drawings, photography, and watercolours, Marina edits and manipulates her original creations using Photoshop and Illustrator. Many of her prints are created in a square or rectangular composition, with repeat patterns. This method suits the products in her Contrado store perfectly, and fills them with energy and life.

marina popska

Ali Elly

Float away in a sea of tranquillity, with the dreamy seaside creations of Ali Elly. Ali’s modern, nautical designs are created from her original watercolour paintings, and are ideal for adding a bit of calm and style to your home.

Ali’s Contrado collection shows her obsession with two things; the sea and the colour blue. She works from her studio on the Northumberland coastline, where Ali is inspired daily by the shoreline and the sea itself. She sees her work as an extension of the nautical blue world that she lives in every day. Ali’s degree in Fashion and Textiles is the ideal backdrop to her artistic creations.

Using a predominantly blue palette, Ali’s designs have a common ground. Every piece begins with a sketch, that eventually develops into a stunning watercolour. She uses digital means to add composition and repetition, and the finished designs are always the same colours as the original paintings, and they capture perfectly the details of the hand made artworks.

ali elly

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