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16 Foolproof Methods: How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up with a Face Mask

how to stop glasses from fogging up

In the age of face masks, everyone is facing a problem that has plagued surgeons and medical workers for decades: foggy glasses. It’s a seemingly impossible issue to fix, even with the countless articles of tips and advice. You always end up with the same methods. Ever wondered how to stop glasses from fogging up that you haven’t heard before?

Turns out there are all types of ways to counteract this frustrating fog, from simple hacks to clever tweaks that block the hot air. We’ve scoured the internet for all the clever, unique ways people fight the fog, so you don’t have to. Check out our comprehensive list for every solution imaginable.

What Stops Glasses from Fogging Up, and Why?

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up

Why do face masks fog up our glasses in the first place? The science is simple. Hot, moist breath from your mouth is warmer than the air outside, creating condensation on your specs. Often if your face mask is ill-fitting or baggy, it leaves gaps between the fabric and your face, allowing that hot air to escape.

The goal of how to stop glasses from fogging up is to prevent any air escaping from the top of your mask. But how do you do that? We’ve got all the ways how to stop glasses from fogging up below.

Simple Solutions to Combat Foggy Glasses

Before you even consider augmenting your mask, let’s review some simple fixes to the glasses-fogging debacle:

1. Ensure fit of mask is good

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up

A mask that’s too loose is bound to let hot air out the top of it, fogging your glasses and obscuring your vision. A well-fitting mask should sit directly on top of the cheeks and nose without any part of the fabric gapping. If your mask is too big, here are some easy solutions:

  • Loop the elastic around your ear twice if it’s long enough
  • Tie the excess elastic with a hairband or rubber band to create a smaller loop
  • For less baggy masks, add a small paper clip to the elastic right in front of the ear, which will pull in the elastic for a tighter fit

All of these can pull the mask over your nose and cheeks tighter, blocking air more effectively.

2. Place glasses on top of mask to ‘seal’ the fabric around your nose and cheeks

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up

By pulling up your face mask, you can comfortably place your glasses on top of your mask. The lenses of your glasses should push the fabric around your nose and cheeks down, ‘sealing’ the mask to your face.

Products to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up

Still foggy? Worry not, once you’ve cancelled out those common problems, you can start getting creative.  Starting with your glasses, there’s a multitude of household products that can make your specs fog resistant as long as they don’t have a special coating on top. Here’s everything we could find that helps your glasses resist fog:

3. Wash glasses with soap and water

wash glasses with soap and water

This time-old trick was made popular by a British surgeon in 2011, who claimed that washing your glasses with soap and water would leave a film on the masks that resisted fogging. This method works for tons of people, so it’s worth having a go before you move on to other ideas. We’ve found bar soap works best to leave the right ‘film’ on top.

4. Try a dollop of shaving cream

A similar concept to bar soap, shaving cream contains glycerine that adds a protective layer to just about everything it touches. This trick has long been used to keep bathroom mirrors from fogging up and works just as well on glasses. Add a bit to either side of your lenses, cover the entire lens, then wash off with water. Allow to air dry. Then go back to shaving your legs.

5. Layer on baby shampoo

Another effective shower product, baby shampoo is a favourite among triathletes who struggle with foggy goggles. You can use baby shampoo like you would bar soap and wash, rinse, then wear, or you can leave an even layer of soap on your lenses overnight for a more effective result.

6. Slap on the toothpaste

If you’ve run out of soap, shaving cream and baby shampoo, toothpaste is a worthy substitute. Just make sure it’s free from bicarbonate of soda so it doesn’t scratch your lenses. Also, rinse off the toothpaste fully to ensure there’s no minty residue left, potentially irritating your eyes. When done right, this method works just as well as the others.

7. Find your nearest raw potato

prevent glasses fogging up

And the grand finale of DIY anti-fog household goods, a raw potato might be the one thing standing between you and a fog-free day. Find your nearest potato stamp (paint-free, of course) and rub it on the lenses for a starchy coating that resists moisture, similar to glycerine. For best results, ensure your potato is sliced in a small, round shape so it can coat every inch of your curved lenses.

8. Anti-fogging spray or wipes

And if all else fails, anti-fog sprays and wipes work well to fight the fog, but they’re a tad more expensive. This is the best option for anyone with a special coating on their glasses. Amazon and your local optometrist should have something that meets all your needs.

Well, you’ve coated your lenses in just about everything you can find and they’re still fogging up. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a more permanent solution. Good news! There are some very effective techniques for augmenting your mask, too.

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up by Changing Face Mask

 9. Add a Nose Bridge

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up

You’ll be happy to know you don’t need to be crafty to enhance your current mask with a nose bridge. Sewing skills are a plus, but you can easily tape or hot glue your nose bridge right on your mask. Even pinch it on top of your mask before going out! And if you’re looking for the right material, here are some ideas:

  • Pipe cleaners (folded in half)
  • Paper clips (straightened with the ends folded or with a dot of hot glue)
  • Wire (garden, craft, any type will do!)
  • Aluminium foil (folded up into a strip)
  • Twist ties from a loaf of bread
  • Aluminium cups from tea lights (in strips)
  • Coffee bag closures
  • Bauble hangers (with the ends folded or a dot of hot glue)

10. Tuck a small tissue in the top of your mask

This popular method is simple, accessible, and can easily be swapped for a kitchen towel or another absorbent cloth. Simply fold tissue and place directly underneath the top edge of your face mask. Use another small piece to fill in any gaps that are still between your mask and face. 

11. Double-sided tape

stop glasses fogging with tape

This is a very convenient tool for bridging the gap between your face and face mask. Apply the double-sided tape over your nose and cheeks, then press your face mask down to create the perfect seal. Just make sure your tape is porous and safe for skin, otherwise, it may do more harm than good.

12. Medical and athletic tape

If you’ve got a nurse or athlete in the house, grab some of their tape to create a seal over the top of the mask. Commonly, people use these tapes because they’re safe for skin and easy to apply over the top of the mask. Why not have a go yourself?

13. Plasters and medical adhesives

If you’re left without any technical tape or adhesive, plasters will do the trick. Often, placing a plaster over your nose and mask creates a seal that doesn’t let any breath escape. And you’ll look cute at the same time. Win-win.

14. Nylon stocking

nylon stockings

Last up in the realm of mask-enhancers is the humble nylon stocking. You can take a piece of stocking and wear it over your face mask for an even tighter fit. This method adds twice the protective layers and works even with an ill-fitting mask.

And if all else fails…

15. Breathe downwards

Placing your top lip in front of your bottom lip and exhaling will point the air downwards and stop it from fogging up your glasses. It’s a bit uncomfortable and you’ll look like a duck, but it does work.

16. Wear contact lenses

how to stop glasses fogging up with mask on

Forfeit your glasses all together until someone comes up with a better solution.

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up with a Mask On

And there you have it, the full list of every method to avoid the glasses fog. Did any of these work for you? Have you discovered another method that works? Leave a comment and let us know how you stop glasses from fogging up below!

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  • There are some ways to stop safety glasses from fogging up. Polish your safety glasses with fog-killing wipes. Spray anti-fog solutions. Try home remedies such as dishwashing liquid or bar soap. Apply a shaving cream. Use defogging sprays. Purchase safety glasses with anti-fog lens coating. Hope these ways can help someone.

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