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Introducing our Sicilian Radiance Collection

Introducing House of Contrado, a series we’re debuting where we collaborate with our very own in-house artists to create luxury products that bring something unique to your interiors. Our goal is to feature premium handpicked items with story-rich designs to inspire our fellow art-lovers.  

To start the series, we’re inviting you to explore our fabric-focused line designed by one of our faves, Bloom Art Gallery designer Julie Coste. The collection is all bold botanical patterns, brilliant colours and natural drapey fabrics designed to transport you to the Mediterranean. When our bold creations are in your home, you’ll be inspired to create a series of nostalgic designs that transport you to your most adored places in the world. Like maybe that breathable organic cotton reminds you of that quiet beach villa in the tropics from long ago. It’s all about bringing a bit of nature into your home with textiles that capture the colours and feel of all your pre-pandemic sojourns. You can approach your interiors like an art travel journal; design spaces that carry the eclectic tastes, charm and sentiment of your experiences in life.  

In collaboration with Julie, we’ve created a vibrant fabric collection: Sicilian radiance.  Julie’s one true love is the radiance of citrus fruits and the balmy colours of the Amalfi coast, handsome Portuguese azulejos and Sicilian florals from her travels. She’s been working as a creative director and designer for the past two decades in the Netherlands, using photography and paintings to print fabrics that capture the joyful essence of nature. And so, House of Contrado is all about bringing drama to a surplus of drywall with fabric prints that arouse the rich spirit of your vacations and life experiences. The joy of transforming your home with premium silks, lush velvets and natural cotton printed with designs that invite the vibrancy of nature into your space. And the unrivalled excitement of representing your positive life experiences with bold, new season colours. 

If you can believe it, we spent only a few weeks planning the House of Contrado set. For the fabric boards, we used premium wallpaper printed with advanced technology to create those stunning colours. The wallpaper had more than a pretty face – it was easy to apply with just sprays of water on its surface. And, of course, we spent time mood boarding and collaborating with Bloom Art Gallery to bring her vision of Sicilian radiance into the home. 

And on set, oh the beauty of the Mediterranean vibe louvre shutters. It was the perfect backdrop for our luxuriously printed cushions, bright botanical walls and vivid leaf drapes. The high-quality soft velvet citrus cushions were just a home décor dream come true. Instant flashbacks to my one-time staycation to balmy Sicily *sighs romantically*. It was all maximalist floral and nature-inspired prints. Just stunning.  

Let’s not forget the “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amoreee” playing stubbornly in our heads ever since we wrapped up on the shoot. And after you explore our radiant collection, the song will live rent-free in your head, too.   



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