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From India and Africa to the UK: Tuk Tuks Championing in London with Contrado

Tuk Tuk

How you can take your business to the streets with Contrado

Tuk Tuks are traditionally an Indian and African big thing, but recently they have made a great (and unexpected) journey in the UK. Who could have imagined that they would turn out to be so popular in a country where summer last only 2 weeks? However, Tuk Tuks are spreading quickly; starting as a charity transport,  they are now one of the first options for special events and marketing activities.

They can get even more noticed with Contrado designed fabrics. Our customer, the largest importer of auto rickshaws in the UK, decided to play big and customised their Tuk for a hot summer week in London. A Malibu branded Tuk driving around London in the middle of July for a Pina Colada Day– what can be more creative?

The hood was printed at Contrado with our Scuba Fabric which looked like pineapple skin. As Robert Leggett from TukTuk (UK) Ltd commented:

“The Scuba fabric we got from you was brilliant. Printed really well and arrived super quick!”.

It looks amazing and wonderfully summery – exactly what we at Contrado like to see. Drive on, Tuk, and keep championing London!

Ekaterina Vankova,
Press Office

Contrado is an aspirational British fashion and lifestyle brand that collaborates with artists and designers with focus on custom fabric printing. We are experts in textile production and quick in production; currently we print on over 100 different types of fabrics and more than 450 products with many being added every week.

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