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How to Market Your Wholesale Products – A Brief Introduction to Marketing Tactics

How to market my wholesale products

If you have a wholesale business set up, you might be wondering the best way to to market your wholesale products. There are multiple ways that you can do that, depending on how you intend to sell your wholesale products so we are going to take a look at some of the most effective ways that you can market your wholesale business.

Market Your Wholesale Products at Events

Even if your end goal is not to sell at events such as fayres, markets and car boots, it can be worth dropping in occasionally to one of these events to market yourself. It’s entirely up to you whether you take stock and trade at these places, but either way it’s a great place to be seen and to get yourself noticed.

If you don’t fancy taking your stock down and selling on the day, you could take a few samples so that people can see the sizing that you’re offering, the quality of your products. If someone can see for themselves what they’re going to get it takes away some of the mystery, and ultimately risk, that can cause people to be more wary when they are ordering online.

How to market my wholesale products events

Use Visual Advertising to Market Your Wholesale Products

This may be more of an old-fashioned way to approach things, but especially if you have a bricks-and-mortar store, visual advertising can have a huge impact. From posters and shop window signs to leaflet drops and business cards, there are some great ways to get your name out there.

Be creative, but make sure that you remain clear and concise in your message. Make sure that you are appealing in your offering. It’s worth bearing in mind that visual advertising isn’t targeted. You’ll likely have a more diluted response because not everyone who sees your ad is going to find it relevant to them. That being said, you have the opportunity to reach a lot more people in one go.

How to market my wholesale products visual advertising

Online marketing

There are numerous channels that you can use for online marketing, some free and some will come at a cost. The free options have the benefit of not having an initial outlay, but they will also unlikely be targeted. Paid options are referred to as PPC (pay-per-click). Although they will cost, you can set your budget, and these types of online ads will be shown specifically to the audiences that you choose.

Paid online advertising is one of the most effective methods of marketing as it is pretty much instant. What you could spend months trying to gain traction online organically, you can gain in an instant with PPC. The joy of pay-per-click is that if people don’t click through on your advert, then you don’t pay for it, on the flip-side, however, you will pay for each click, regardless of whether or not they turn into sales.

online marketing

Word of Mouth

This sort of marketing is known as referral marketing and there are many different ways to do this. Referrals are a great way to get yourself known, and the key here is where they come from. Think about this as though you were the customer. If a company tells you that they’re great, that’s one thing. However, if a company you know and trust tells you that they think another company is great, it’ll have a little more standing with you. This kind of collaboration can rally strengthen your brand, and open you up to a whole new audience.

Taking this one step further, if you hear from your friends or family that this company that they just shopped with is great, then you’re really onto something. You can prompt this and give it a little push with recommend-a-friend schemes, but the best way to make sure that people want to shout about you, is to make sure that you’re worth shouting about.

How to market my wholesale products word of mouth

Great wholesale offering

One great way of making sure that people love what you’re selling, is to sell something they’ll love. At Contrado, we have a huge range of more than 450 products that you can put your amazing design on and sell to your customers. Everything is made on demand, in glorious full-colour HD print so that you can proudly display your work and give your customers exactly what they want. If you’re looking for a supplier to get your wholesale business started, click on the banner below and sign up today.

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