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To push your creativity to all new limits, we have launched a series of design contests. These contests will give you a new theme with each edition. This gives you the chance to create your very own design based on your interpretation of the selected theme.

Check out the details of our current theme here and take a look through some of the previous themes too.

Current Themes

None at the moment! Check back in the future for new contests.

Previous Themes


1st March – 28th March
1st February – 28th February
4th January – 31st January


23rd November – 17th December
9th November – 6th December
26th October – 22nd November
28th September – 25th October
1st September – 27th September
13th August – 10th September
3rd August – 31st August
6th July – 2nd August
10th June – 8th July
8th June – 5th July
11th May – 7th June
27th April – 25th May
13th April – 10th May
16th March – 12th April
17th February – 15th March 2020
3rd February – 16th February 2020
vibrance design contest
20th January – 2nd February 2020
organic wall design
6th January – 19th January 2020


9th December – 22nd December 2019
nature calling contest
25th November to 8th December 2019
11th November to 24th November 2019


16th July to 13th August 2018
14th May to 11th June 2018
19th February to 19th March 2018

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