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70s Revival Collection

The '70s called and they want their style back! Well, bad luck, because this season, the '70s is in; in a big way. From disco boots, retro wallpaper prints, psychedelic metallics, crazy prints and disco inspired designs, there isn’t anything about this trend that we don’t love. Those '70s colour palettes of tobacco and orange are perfect for homeware, fashion and beyond.

One of the first images that comes to mind when thinking about 1970's patterns, are those amazing wallpaper prints. Flower power lifestyle, hippies and love and peace were all themes of the era, and when it comes to pattern, it was a truly visionary time. That 70's vibe was all about bold prints, retro florals and geometric designs. The "Beautiful Blue Tits" handbag by Lotti Brown Designs encapsulates this perfectly, while the "Strawberry" bed sheets by Patricia Shea Designs evokes that gorgeous 70's aesthetic.  
The Psychedelic era technically began in the 1960's, but it continued in strength into the 70's. This has a completely different vibe to the retro patterns and colour palettes we have previously looked at. Crazy and vibrant colour palettes, where anything and everything goes, trippy subject matter and mind altering details all play their part in this surreal and exciting trend. No one encapsulates it more than Murnau Den Linden and their "Bella" apron, while the "I Won't Let My Weirdness Define Me" china plate by Julia Lillard perfectly portrays the surreal element of the trend. 
When envisioning 1970's style, the colour palette is usually the first thing that comes to mind. It was a time when brown, mustard, and orange were all the rage. And, do you know what? We love it! These colours blend perfectly together and are the ideal tones for autumn. The "Autumn Eye" skater dress by Si Gross Art portrays these colours in a typical 70's geometric design, while the slightly softer tones of the "Perfect Poppy Pirouettes" occasional chair by Lotti Brown Designs captures the colours and print of the 70's in a delicate and feminine way.