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Fabric Properties

Fabric properties are the characteristics of a specific fabric. Properties of woven fabrics are very different to properties of knitted fabrics. Build up your knowledge of these properties, to ensure that you always choose the right textile for your project.

When looking at basic properties of fabric, there are certain features which are necessary to consider; breathability, weight, drape, durability, softness, construction and whether it is a water-repellent fabric.

Most fabrics fall into 2 categories, when it comes to their construction properties; woven and knitted. A textile’s specific properties and appearance are affected by not only what type of yarn was used to make it, but how it was constructed. Properties of woven fabrics differ greatly to properties of knitted fabrics. Where one is made up of woven wefts and warps, the other is made by looping them. This difference in construction gives both fabric types completely different characteristics.

Properties of natural fabrics make them a popular choice for many DIYers, whether it is for making clothing, furnishings, accessories, upholstery or anything else. Their natural beauty, sustainable background and durability lends themselves to a wide range of varied projects.

Fabric Properties

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  • Excellent service and product I am so amazed with how high quality the prints come out and the wide variety of fabrics is just astonishing. I am a student in my final year at uni and you guys have saved my collection during this difficult time - something that I really needed right now. Thank you for working hard during this period of strange time as you are really helping fashion students out and we all appreciate it massively. Would definitely recommend

  • Always great service and fab products I use Contrado for fabric printing. They always print to the timescale quoted, there’s a good selection of fabrics to choose from, and the print quality is good.

  • Great service Just what I wanted to make a cushion for a wedding present. Wasn't sure how it would turn out as it is a "scene" rather than a repetitive pattern, but am really pleased with the quality of both the printing and the fabric. Super fast delivery as well.

  • My friend is happy with the package Parcel came really quickly and the fabrics are a good mix.

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