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Custom Furniture


Design your own furniture online and have it handmade to order. Our custom furniture is printed in the UK with your custom designs and artwork for a great accent to any room. Anchor your home with sturdy, comfortable pieces that you’re confident to love. We have bespoke furniture to help you achieve patio perfection in your gardens and bold pieces that’ll have a major impact inside. Our custom-made furniture is made from high-quality materials to make everyday living easy.


Ready to start building your dream environment? Whatever your favoured style of decor, we have a range of the highest quality custom furniture to complement it. We custom make and print furniture on demand with strong beech wood. We have expert furniture makers in our London factory who craft every product in our custom-made furniture collection to last a lifetime. Bonus: the wood we use is responsibly made and easy on the environment.

We also use gorgeous textiles like fire-rated Furnishing Velour fabric to add interest to the bespoke furniture in your living rooms and no-fray strong Suede Vision to create the best chair upholstery. They're both printed using an eco-friendly sublimation heat transfer process that allows the dyes in your designs to sink into the fabric fibres. This means you can proudly design your own furniture and feel extra satisfied with that statement footstall by your couch for years to come.


Fill your place with pieces you love from our collection of custom furniture. If your colour choices are usually more reserved, step outside your comfort zone by creating a bold hue pattern for your bedroom, perhaps a punchy-patterned pouffe or beanbag. In the living room, too, you could layer patterns on your custom printed furniture and introduce designs that reflect your uniquely bright personality. Graphic prints really stand out in small spaces like a powder room.

Our custom furniture looks great on its own, but it’s best appreciated in pairs and groups. Create matching prints for your dining room to make mealtimes feel that bit more special. Understated creams or gentle greys have a Scandinavian feel and create the most elegant finish on our bespoke furniture.


Just as you would with the interior of your home, aim to create major impact in your gardens. This means creating a range of custom printed furniture with a unique feel and purpose. We have weatherproof folding and deck chairs, for example, that are an easy way to get comfy and add visual interest to your backdoors. While they’re a great number by themselves, design a couple of chairs and a few of our other practical bespoke furniture for the family (or guests). You could even invite our coffee tables outside: the wood legs are super sturdy.

Whether you’re decorating a spacious backyard or a cosy apartment patio, you could create your own furniture with a matching neutral colour scheme using pastel tones and soft patterns that meet the criteria for relaxed outdoor living.