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Usage for Custom Fabric Material

Fabric material can change the look of a room, an outfit, a look, and just about anything else. When choosing fabric material online, you can select the perfect textile for your end use, whatever it may be. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to design and print on your preferred fabric material in just a few clicks.

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

4.6/5 from 1600+ independent 3rd party reviews

1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Discounts

Wholesalers, Students and Quantity

 Made in London, UK
Made in London, UK

Sustainably & ethically made in London, UK, since 2002

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Upholstery Fabric

from £14.75

Selection of natural and synthetic fabrics perfect for upholstery, including velvets, cottons & waterproofs.

View all Upholstery Fabric

Outdoor Fabric

from £14.75

Selection of treated fabrics designed to withstand the elements. Stylish & functional. Suitable for the garden, camping, clothing.

View all Outdoor Fabric

Curtain Fabric

from £14.75

Wide range of fabrics perfect for making your own curtains. Includes 100% natural fabrics, fire rated fabrics & more.

View all Curtain Fabric

Quilt Fabric

from £14.75

Fabrics ideal for decorative and functions quilts. Includes cottons, velvets, linens, silks etc in different weaves.

View all Quilt Fabric

Cushion Fabric

from £14.75

Huge range of cushion fabrics including canvas, marbled velvet and more. Handmade to order in the UK.

View all Cushion Fabric

Dress Fabric

from £14.75

Large selection of dressmaking fabrics, perfect for home DIY fashion projects. Cottons, silks, polys, jerseys and more.

View all Dress Fabric

Suit Fabric

from £14.75

A selection of natural and synthetic suit fabrics, suitable for all occasions and times of the year.

View all Suit Fabric

Lining Fabric

from £14.75

Explore a huge range of fabrics to find the best type of lining material for your project.

View all Lining Fabric

Shirting Fabric

from £14.75

Discover the range of shirting fabrics that are perfect for making your own shirts, blouses and dresses.

View all Shirting Fabric

T-Shirt Fabric

from £14.75

Browse through our range of t-shirt fabrics, specially designed to make everything from casual vests to smarter polo t-shirts.

View all T-Shirt Fabric

Free Fabric Scraps

Get your free 2kg mixed bag of fabric remnants. Have them delivered for a small charge.

View all Free Fabric Scraps

Bridal Fabric

from £14.75

Make your wedding day even more special, with custom printed bridal fabrics. A wide range of beautiful feminine textiles.

View all Bridal Fabric

Trouser Fabric

from £14.75

Browse a range of trouser fabrics to create that perfect garment. Made to order in the UK with next day delivery available.

View all Trouser Fabric

Sports Fabric

from £6.54

A big range of suitable fabrics for sports wear. You can create your very own gym outfit, custom printed with the design you like.

View all Sports Fabric

Cosplay Fabric

from £5.78

Stretchy scubas & Lycras to chiffons & transfer paper for embellishments, these fabrics are perfect for DIY cosplay outfits.

View all Cosplay Fabric

Craft Fabric

from £6.54

Create amazing DIY projects with our custom printed craft fabrics. Discover the fabrics & how they can work for you.

View all Craft Fabric

Tracksuit Fabric

from £6.54

Wide range of tracksuit and lining fabrics, perfect for making your own leisurewear, sports gear and customised linings.

View all Tracksuit Fabric

Gift Voucher

Choose a gift voucher to be sent physically or immediately via email. Choose from four themes.

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We offer discounts

You can take advantage of our wholesale prices or use our dropshipping service to sell without ever holding inventory. Plus, we offer discounts on all products which you can pass on to your customers.



Order unique products in bulk for your brand, and we'll offer an exclusive up to 40% discount.



We offer a 40% discount for UK students on custom fabric printing and more..

There are so many names of fabric that it can be hard to track their differences. Because fabric material comes in several constructions, fibres, weights and handles, it is important to understand what their usages are.

Uses for fabric can include upholstery, curtains, quilts, dress as well as apparel, outdoor needs and soft furnishings, to name a few. Fabrics are derived from natural or synthetic sources and can even be blended to boast the best benefits of the two.  As the uses of fabric vary, it is good to know that there are fabric materials to keep up with them.

End uses, such as upholstery, curtains and furnishings, require a fabric that is strong, easy to clean and comfortable. You could also opt for a luxurious fabric, such as silk. For fabric for outdoor use, consider a water-resistant or repellent material, which will look great and stay protected from the elements. For dress and apparel making, jersey fabric, comfortable knits, and stylish woven fabrics are always in vogue.