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Women's Custom Fashion Accessories


Design women's fashion accessories online and create a bespoke collection of garments to complement any outfit. From chiffon scarves to reversible hats, these fashionable extras are the finishing touch.  

A History of Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are used to complete or compliment an outfit. There are different types of accessories, which can be loosely categorised into a couple of different types; those that the wearer would carry, and those that would be worn. Traditional accessories which are carried include handbags, fans, umbrellas and parasols, as well and canes and eye wear such as monocles. Worn accessories would include jackets and jewellery, gloves, shawls and scarves, watches, socks and stockings. 

Victorian Fashion Accessories

Like so many things throughout history, fashion accessories in Victorian fashion held huge significance in how women were seen with regards to race, gender and class. Most noteworthy accessories that were popular at the time include hand fans and parasols. Throughout the Victorian era, a trend arose which saw women either adopting or aspiring to have a more leisurely lifestyle. This in turn increased the popularity of gloves as they were worn to cover a woman's hands and hide any signs of labour. 

Italian Hat Badges

During the early 16th century, civilian men in Italy would wear hat badges if they were of a higher social status. They would don this as a decorative item, and it was done in imitation of cap badges worn by the invading military. These hat badges were often partnered with a decorative sword and hilt. The badges themselves often showed a scene that had personal relevance to the Italian wearing it, and they were fashioned after plaquettes, which were small sculptures made in bronze or other materials. 

Progression and into more modern times

The term fashion accessory came into use during the 20th century. More and more fashion accessories became popular throughout history, including but not limited to belts, which have been documented as far back as the Bronze Age, braces which were invented in 1820, although there were similar accessories used in the last 300 years or so and scarves which have been worn since ancient times. Many modern accessories that we use today have historical precursors, such as sunglasses. With the progress of technology and modernisation of these accessories, it has now become possible to design your own fashion accessories. 

Design Your Own Women's Fashion Accessories For Stand Out Style

Hats, scarves, even socks, are all additional decorative garments you use to add a touch of personality to your outfits, or transform what you're wearing from casual into smart, and vice versa. Design your own women's fashion accessories online with our user-friendly tool and create original apparel that dares to be different. Made from the finest of fabrics that undergo a specialist digital printing process, bonding the ink and material together, your own accessories design is one that will last a lifetime. 

Design your own fashion accessories for an effortless way to dramatise your outfit if you're in a rush or need some pizzazz to liven up a plain outfit. If you're a fashion designer, this range of 'design your own ladies accessories' is the ideal addition to your clothing line, creating complementary hats and scarves to accompany established styles. All handmade to order in London, UK, we expertly craft your individual garments to ensure they're finished to an exceptional standard.