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Print on demand cushions featuring your designs and artwork. Make custom cushions, UK made,  in a wide range of materials, styles and sizes.

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    Exceptionally underrated

    The simple cushion is undeniably underrated. It's not just a soft furnishing, it can make or break a room. Cushions are used for comfort, to prop you up, to complement your decor and to completely pull a room together. It's a versatile, multi-functional tool, and most people aren't using them to their full potential. Are you?

    Custom cushions UK

    Finding the perfect designs can be difficult, but not when you make your own cushion. Custom cushions, UK made to order, are the perfect way to make sure that you're getting exactly what you want because you design them. From digital designs to artwork to illustrations, you can create custom cushions using any medium you like. You can even create cushions with your logo on it to add to breakout areas for your employees, or to pop in your waiting room for your customers. 

    So many options

    You can choose from multiple styles of cushion, from throw pillows to floor cushions. Whether you're looking for something round, square or rectangular, even tubular, we have something in our range to suit. From sultry silk to outstandingly soft velvet and even vintage-inspired materials you can choose the fabric that you want your cushions to be made from as well as the size and even the finer details. 

    Add to your range

    If you've got an online store, or even if you sell at craft shows and markets, you can add custom cushions to your range quickly and easily. Cushions are a unique canvas to display your work and by adding them to your offering you open up a whole world of new opportunities. With a generous wholesale account, you can order as many or as few as you like and benefit from outstanding discounts and offers. 

    How we make custom cushions UK

    We use the most up to date digital printing techniques to make your custom cushions, UK handmade to order. This infuses the inks deep into the fibres of your chosen fabric and creates a bond between the two. This results in not only a fade-resistant, long-lasting print but also it is entirely textureless. Every custom cushion that leaves our bespoke facility feels exactly as you would expect the beautiful fabric which it is printed on to feel like. No transfers, no coatings and no extra layers.