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Values and Sustainability

Values and Sustainability

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Long story short

Everything is made on demand, in-house so you know who is making for you.

Because we make on demand so there is no waste, we use just what we need.

Made in the UK

Made in London, UK
We have all our staff in our London facility. We do everything locally, here with low transport footprint. From our customer service team, our developers, analysts and web designers, our product designers, our printers and most importantly our skilled technicians. We design, print, cut and make everything here in London, from Boxer Shorts to Bomber Jackets. Sourcing staff from local London boroughs, and as far afield as Japan and New Zealand we promote a fun, diverse and creative atmosphere, where “everything is possible”. We source a large amount of our fabrics from UK mills, ensuring strong relationships and continuity of product lines. Our core values are to support and nurture creativity and originality, and change the way people buy lifestyle products.

Skilled technicians
Being able to control every step of manufacture under one roof allows us to keep quality high, delivery times fast and to always improve our processes and products. We value and support our technicians, from fabric printers through to our sewing dept. Ensuring a friendly and productive workplace with potential of progressing through the company, and always learning new skills. We value the skills new employees can bring to our team.


Eco Inks
All our inks are water based, non-toxic and disposed of via a local waste management company. Our eco-friendly print process means no contaminants of any kind enter the water course. Unwanted post-manufacture fabrics and garments are safe for recycling, up-cycling or donation to our local clothes bank.

We source most of our fabrics from inside the EU. Knowing your suppliers on first name terms is a bonus for us, meaning we can keep quality and continuity at the highest levels possible. We always ask about where fabrics have come from, demanding safe working practises and fair wages. More and more, as the customer and environment demands it, we are aiming to source fabrics from eco-approved production chains, such as OEKO-TEX® and GOTS. We have recently added our first group of organic cottons, sourced from approved mills.


We keep our transport footprint as low as possible. Because we have one facility making everything on demand we need materials in our factory, but because it is only one place there is less intra facility transportation. We source 80% of our supplies UK suppliers and we efficiently handle deliveries to be as few as possible.


There is no water used in our processing, so other than staff requirements and facility cleaning we are almost waterless. This is  big plus in the fabric printing industry where some companies are forced to use lots of water in their processing. We avoid that model completely for good reason.


This is our biggest energy requirement. We use industrial machinery and plenty of heat processing to produce our products. With energy bills on the rise is it no surprise we try to be super efficient. We schedule machines to power up and down on timers and we stagger our consumption diversity so we operate constantly within a known tolerance bandwidth. This forces us to be efficient and keeps our costs lower. Man and machine management is constant to ensure well managed consumption only when required.


We use no gas.

Waste and Recycling

We produce 3 main types of waste:

Paper, cardboard and plastic packaging. We separate from non-recyclables and these items are recycled by our local authority.  

Scrap wood and metal from packaging and pallets. These items are collected and recycled by local companies.

Fabric offcuts and remnants. This is where you come in! We have contacted almost every textile reclamation and fabric recycling company in the UK and can find none able to accept our fabric remnants, where they will be recycled or put to re-use.  For charities, schools, colleges and universities we are able to supply mixed bags of unprinted fabric offcuts, please contact us for more information.

Reuse. Where possible we reuse offcuts and remnants as fillings, linings or trim for other products, meaning very little goes to waste.

Redo's. Every now and again mistakes will happen and even the best planned product can be defective. If we make a product, and for whatever reason it is not up to our QC standard, we would rather give the “2nd” to the customer along with the perfected redo, rather than send to landfill. If there is an ounce of joy to be had with the 2nd, we would wish that for our customer.

Who made your Clothes?

And here we are, well some of our 50+ team in 2016.

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Who made your dress? It might have been Hilda. Who made your hoodie? Quite possibly it was Chi! Who cut your fabric, it was Renata! Yes, this is us, all housed in London, printing and making just for you! Together we are changing the way people buy clothes - because we make them on demand so there is no waste, we use just what we need.