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Indulge in our custom Silk Crepe De Chine fabric. Perfect for luxurious dresses, sensual nightwear, summer skirts and delicate garments, your custom printed Silk Crepe De Chine fabric is pure silk and exudes femininity. The fabric is soft and lightweight with a sparkling white base colour and fluid drape. Unlike traditional printing methods which uses a surface print, our industry-leading printing technology infuses the fabric with ink, making the colour pop in vivid definition, with a higher wash allowance and softer handle. Famous for being lightweight, silk crepe de chine has been linked to skin benefits and works especially well for lingerie and dresses.
  • Max Print: 1.35m, Weight: 60gsm, Expected Shrinkage = Weft: 1% Warp: 1%
  • 100% pure silk crepe de chine
  • Deluxe printing for bright and strong colours
  • Airy, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant
  • Sparkling white base colour

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