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We are proud to be the provider of 100% natural silk, 50gsm with cutting edge printing technology. This lightweight sheer fabric has a tight weave of spun yarn, which creates an overall gossamer appearance due to the extremely thin threads. With its tight mesh-like quality, the custom made silk fabric is highly transparent and has a light airy quality to it, showing its delicate fragile qualities. It is generally taut all over but also has a slight amount of give on the bias. Our printing methods use reactive printing to infuse the natural silk with ink, creating a strong and bright hold.
  • Max Print: 1.33m, Weight: 50gsm, Expected Shrinkage = Weft: 6% Warp: 9%
  • 100% natural silk georgette fabric
  • Industry leading printing technology
  • Light, sheer, fluid material
  • 10 Momme Weight

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